Thursday, August 16, 2012

'MTV First: Robert Pattinson' - Full Interview and Pictures

11 Pictures from the interview at the end of the post (under all videos). Full interview in 16 videos


On Youtube - We're sorry, but the Youtube videos were deleted

Full Interview - MTV Player

Robert Pattinson Plays 'Never Have I Ever'

Exclusive 'Cosmopolis' Clip: 'I Need A Haircut'

Robert Pattinson Takes The MTV Movies Brawl Award For 'Cosmopolis'

'Cosmopolis' Is Like 'Looking At A Rock'

Robert Pattinson Introduces David Cronenberg To 'Twilight' Audience

Robert Pattinson Finally Considers Himself An Actor

Rob Had No Idea How To Prepare For 'Cosmopolis' Role

Robert Pattinson Hopes He's Not Losing His English Accent

RPattz Talks Difficulties Of Haircut And Sex Scenes

'Cosmopolis' Dialogue Is 'Not Generic'

Rob's Future: 'The Rover,' 'Mission: Blacklist,' And 'Queen Of The Desert'

What Are Robert Pattinson's On-Screen Limits?

Robert Pattinson Still Amazed And Confused By 'Twilight' Fandom

The Robert Pattinson Personality Profile

RPattz Getting Back To His Music Post-'Twilight'

Robert Pattinson Makes His VMA Picks For Video Of The Year


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Anonymous said...

I wish there would be a youtube of this. I can't watch it in Canada.

Iluvthemovies said...

Bromance, is all I am going to say, I love his interviews w/Josh. He always seems so much more relaxed. Revealing some things I would have never guessed, maybe too much information, peeing in a limo.

Anonymous said...

Aack, I still can't see it. :-(

Unknown said...

same here. DAMN CANADA >.<

katy said...

Love Josh interviews,, Rob always looks super relaxed with him. And in this one Rob looks like he is genuinely enjoying himself.

twmmy said...

On spunk ransom you can find the facebook-related video.

No name said...

Good job Josh. Nice interview, Rob was the most comfortable I have seen him all week!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Phooey! Is there any way I can get a download of this??? Please? I still can't see it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the hint about Spunk Ransom!

twilightfan28 said...

If you ever can't watch videos like these then download Hotspot Shield, its free and its worked for me here in the UK. I think it just hides your location or something, you just turn it before watching the video and turn it off afterwards :) also that hat looks hilarious