Friday, August 17, 2012

Great New Rob and Cronenberg Interview with ET

Great interview. They talk about Cosmopolis, working with each other, David talks about the first time he met Rob, Rob's preparation for the role and more

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Unknown said...

Has Rob been working out? He looks freaking amaZing!!!!!!

Iluvthemovies said...

A very dull interviewer. I could listen to David speak any time on any day. He is so intelligent and he never dumbs it down and I want to listen to everything he has to say. After mentioning Hegel, I had to look him up when he mentioned him at the TimesTalk Q and A. I look forward to any collaboration that he does with Rob, he is an amazing eclectic diretor and a good mentor to Rob.

No name said...

Rob is constantly trying to give the impression that he is not a smart or a well read guy. "actors should not be smart" that's not true Rob, so stop giving the impression that younr not. stop the self depreciating thing and show what you really are. David and everyone who knows you, says how intellectual you are. I have seen and heard of the types of books you have read and it take a very intelligent person to read and understand most of these books you have read.
I have seen you in the Cosmopolis Promo tour And was very impressed with your understanding of the different theories and complicate subject matter that was discuss and you were awesome.
Please Rob stop being so nervous and hiding behind that nervos laughter of yours(Ok you have the best laugh for a human being), because people as well as some of your fans are now questioning your intelligence.
Please show everyone what David, your fellow actors, myself and the fans who truely knows you know how truely intelligent you are.
Your very devoted fan.