Friday, August 17, 2012

Cosmopolis Released in NYC and LA Today - Get your tickets now + Poster/Soundtrack/Book Giveaway

ETA: Added the list of theaters playing Cosmopolis on August 24 at the end of the post

Cosmopolis is out in NYC and LA today!

Get Your Tickets Now!

In NY you can get tickets at Landmark Theaters - Sunshine and Film Society Lincoln Center
In LA at Landmark Theaters - Los Angeles

Ticket information for the rest of the country will be provided shortly. ETA: Added the list of theaters playing Cosmopolis on August 24 at the end of the post

Win a Cosmopolis poster, soundtrack and book

In support of the release, eOneFilmsUS sent us an awesome prize pack that includes a Cosmopolis poster, soundtrack and book.

To participate on the giveaway you only have to RT THIS TWEET on twitter. US followers only

Updated list of theaters playing Cosmopolis (Source)

08/17/2012 Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center, New York, NY
08/17/2012 Sunshine Cinema 5, New York, NY
08/17/2012 The Landmark 12, West Los Angeles, CA
08/24/2012 Kendall Square Cinema 9, Cambridge, MA
08/24/2012 Criterion Cinemas 7, New Haven, CT
08/24/2012 Palace 17 & Odyssey, Hartford, CT
08/24/2012 Ritz at the Bourse, Philadelphia, PA
08/24/2012 E Street Cinema, Washington, DC
08/24/2012 Landmark's Century Centre Cinema, Chicago, IL
08/24/2012 Cedar Lee Theatres, Cleveland Heights, OH
08/24/2012 Lagoon Cinema, Minneapolis, MN
08/24/2012 Sandy Springs 8, Atlanta, GA
08/24/2012 Ballantyne Village 5, Charlotte, NC
08/24/2012 Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Austin, TX
08/24/2012 Arbor Cinemas at Great Hills 8, Austin, TX
08/24/2012 South Beach 18, Miami Beach, FL
08/24/2012 Sunset Place 24, Theatres South Miami, FL
08/24/2012 Gateway 4, Fort Lauderdale, FL
08/24/2012 Delray Beach 18, Delray Beach, FL
08/24/2012 Shadowood 16, Boca Raton, FL
08/24/2012 Winter Park Village 20, Winter Park, FL
08/24/2012 Denver Film Center/Colfax, Denver, CO
08/24/2012 Los Feliz 3, Los Angeles, CA
08/24/2012 Art Theatre, Long Beach, CA
08/24/2012 Playhouse 7, Cinemas Pasadena, CA
08/24/2012 University Town Center 6, Cinemas Irvine, CA
08/24/2012 Rancho Niguel 8, Cinemas Laguna Niguel, CA
08/24/2012 Cinemas Palme D'Or 7, Palm Desert, CA
08/24/2012 Hillcrest Cinemas, San Diego, CA
08/24/2012 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA
08/24/2012 Shea 14 Theatre, Scottsdale, AZ
08/24/2012 Tempe Marketplace 16, Tempe, AZ
08/24/2012 Fox Tower 10, Portland, OR
08/24/2012 Meridian 16, Seattle, WA
08/24/2012 Varsity Theatre, Seattle, WA
08/24/2012 Lincoln Square Stadium 16, Bellevue, WA
08/24/2012 Embarcadero Center Cinema 5, San Francisco, CA
08/24/2012 Camera 7, Campbell, CA
08/24/2012 Shattuck Cinemas 10, Berkeley, CA
08/24/2012 Rialto Cinemas 9, Sebastopol, CA


Anonymous said...

OMG Just started jumping up and down in my seat. They're actually playing it near me. I live in Ohio and go to the Cedar Lee once in a blue moon for great indie movie's but it's a bit of a drive so I haven't gone in a long time and now,..I just want to ramble on and on about how excited I am that I'll get to see Cosmopolis in theatre.

Debbie in S. Florida said...

Thanks so much for posting this list. A friend told me about it and I had to run right over to check it out. After the debacle that was Bel Ami, I had pretty much given up on ever seeing Cosmopolis until the DVD came out, so I'm thrilled to see that it'll be playing fifteen minutes from me. I'm thrilled! Thanks again!

Rachel said...

Any chance it will be released in more theaters the following week, or is this it?