Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live - Post 2 - 83 More New HQs

Since the first post was too big, here 83 more new HQs in a new post.

Watch Rob's full interview on Kimmel, 125 more HQs, fan pictures and videos of Rob arriving and signing for fans outside HERE



Anonymous said...

gotta love the Peace sign - way to go -

No name said...

Rob you are one in a billion!
You are looking so freaking good.
Every time I see you lately you look better and better, keep it up sweety.

Unknown said...

awsome Post please Like us on Facebook

Unknown said...

boy are looking a whole lot better now! seem happier!..keep doing what your doing and take pride for whats ahead for you in the future..keep smiling!!!

No name said...

Going thru all the pics for Cosmopolis promo, and these are my favorite pics so for of rob. He just looks so happy.

Unknown said...

Love the shoes!! And the hair! Ugh he is so hot!