Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cosmopolis' Teaser Trailer Reactions

If you missed the teaser trailer, watch here (+ tons of gifs and screencaps)

It looks, to be frank, absolutely brilliant, and it's certainly dampened any doubts we might have had for the time being. And R-Patz? Damned if he doesn't look, in the very brief glimpses, right at home. Is it possible that all the doubters are about to be proved wrong with a terrific performance?
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Both David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson are going into Cosmopolis with something to prove. Cronenberg is the revered auteur behind A History of Violence, The Fly and Videodrome, but his stuffy last film A Dangerous Method had some fans wondering if he'd lost his touch. And Pattinson, of course, is the pale and sparkly star of the Twilight franchise, movies that are engineered to suck all acting talent out of its stars-- if the kid can act, we haven't seen it yet. But 30 seconds from now you'll probably be able to put all those doubts to rest, because a short teaser for Cosmopolis is here, and it is fantastic.
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It’s Cronenberg, so I’m not worried, but all we can really say for Cosmopolis on the strength of this trailer is it’s not for kids, it’s got some very polished imagery and the content runs the gamut from sex to violence to that combination of sex and violence that Cronenberg is so interested in.

Still, my hunch is that it’s going to be superb.
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Whoa. Alright. If Robert Pattinson is trying to break out of his mold, he couldn’t have picked a better project than David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis.


Hell yes. God Bless Cronenberg.
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David Cronenberg's adaption of a seminal Don DeLillo novel, starring Robert Pattinson: Cosmopolis is one of our most anticipated films of the year and the first teaser trailer - all mad neon text, sex (which, if it's sticking to the book, we'll be seeing a lot of) and Eric Packer's bizarre penchant for self mutilation - has only affirmed that.

The first teaser for the adaptation of Don Delillo's novel has arrived online and it's full of all the kink fans have come to expect from Cronenberg. It also puts to rest any worries about the casting of Robert Pattinson, who seems to fit into this world perfectly.
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David Cronenberg wrote and directed Cosmopolis based on Don DeLillo’s novel, a study of capitalism in a slightly futuristic metropolis. It stars Robert Pattinson and is a sure bet to be headed for Cannes in May.

Robert Pattinson is really looking to shed his"Twilight" image.

After portraying a man with a trio of mistresses in this year's "Bel Ami," the actor is set to star in David Cronenberg's adaptation of Don DeLillo's "Cosmopolis."

In the first (foreign) teaser for the film, fans get a brief look at Pattinson shooting guns and having several sexual encounters around New York City.
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If you're only a Pattinson fan because of the Twilight Saga, we're sure you can let all that mom-unfriendly business slide, though. (RPattz is half-naked in the Cosmpolis trailer! Squee!) For the rest of us, the teaser is a disorienting glimpse at how far from Forks, WA Pattinson is taking his career.

The 30-second-long French trailer -- released yesterday on the film's French Facebook -- teases a performance from Robert Pattinson that is unlike anything we've ever seen. It opens up with Pattinson's voice set against a black background saying, "I'm looking for more. Aim and fire, come on, do it, flick the switch."

Is it a metaphor for something more? Maybe, but it's also entirely literal, as the teaser reveals Pattinson's sexy bodyguard and part time fling pointing a taser at his chest. He dares her, "Show me something I don't know." Our only response to that is, "Wow."
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Just take a look at the trailer and tell me if it makes you smile as much as it does for me. Be warned that you might not want to play this one at the office or with kids in the room, though...

Oh, man, I hope that plays Cannes. If so, it will be my top priority for the festival. Or Toronto. Just somewhere, and as soon as possible. Can you imagine being in a theater full of unsuspecting Twi-hards when that film plays? That trailer makes it look like we are in for a very dark ride when the film is finally released. Can't wait.

If the recently released teaser for his latest, "Cosmopolis" is anything to go by, Cronenberg is back in "Videdrome" and "Crash" mode. What that means? Kinky sex, brutal violence and a brand of weirdness only Cronenberg can conjure up.

Robert Pattinson will once again play dark and brooding, but his latest role proves he can do more than pine and sparkle.
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Shooting your own left hand, f*ing in a limo, all kinds of crazy sh*t is happening in this teaser trailer for David Cronenberg‘s new film, COSMOPOLIS. It’s as if the teaser is saying welcome to yet another Cronenberg movie, b*tch!
Heads up, this teaser gets real hardcore!..
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It’s a very brief little shot of pure Cronenberg weirdness, but from the looks of this, it could be Pattinson’s most interesting work in a while. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the whole thing, but this is certainly something very different from most of the films he’s tried before.
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It is a short trailer but they pack a lot in and it actually looks pretty awesome!
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Well, hello, David Cronenberg! In 2012 the director is going to unleash his second film in two years, and for those who thought A Dangerous Method was too dry, it looks like Cosmopolis might be for you. A teaser has just landed for the film, and it looks nuts.
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Now here's an upcoming film that will unite (at least) two decidedly different types of movie geeks: the old-school David Cronenberg junkies and the rabid Robert Pattinson supporters. I have no problem with that, especially after witnessing the semi-nightmarish teaser trailer for Cosmopolis, which is based on the novel by Don DeLillo and also stars the likes of Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, and Jay Baruchel.

Move over, Prometheus: David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson are here with a 30-second foreign teaser for Cosmopolis, their adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel about a young billionaire's dark, demented and all-around catastrophic 24-hour Manhattan odyssey. And it looks amazing.

Robert Pattinson is set to give the performance of his career as young billionaire Eric Packer, who has a very eventful day.

The teaser provides the first look at the tone of the film, and more importantly, Robert Pattinson‘s performance in it. In Cosmopolis, Pattinson plays a newlywed billionaire who ends up losing his bride and his billions in a single day. Even when Pattinson isn’t doing Twilight, he’s hewed towards romantic dramas with Remember Me and Water for Elephants. However, as Twilight draws to a close, his upcoming films will perhaps provide him with the necessary escape velocity to get away from Edward Cullen. In Bel Ami, he plays a character who fucks his way up the social ladder of 1890s Paris, and in Cosmopolis, his character purposely shoots himself in the hand. I can take or leave Bel Ami, but Cosmopolis looks pretty great, and I’m eager to see Pattinson break free of his famous mopey vampire.

If Robert Pattinson is trying to break out of his Twilight persona, hooking up with visionary director David Cronenberg is certainly one way to go. As evidenced by the teaser trailer for Cosmopolis that has debuted, their collaboration is just what the actor needs for people to forget about that Edward guy.
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A French teaser for David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" looks like the love child of "Shame" and "Scarface."
While Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method" was about S & M and psychoanalysis, the talky drama was fairly tame in the sex and violence department. This teaser suggests that "Cosmopolis" marks the Canadian's return to his darker, nastier ways in this near future-set thriller based on Don DeLillo's novel.
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The first teaser trailer for David Cronenberg‘s adaptation of Don Delillo’s “Cosmopolis” has been released today and there’s kink, crime and nudity; it would seem that Robert Pattinson sure is trying to break away from Edward Cullen.
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The world will get its first full look at Cosmopolis, the latest film from daring filmmaker David Cronenberg, at this year's Cannes Film Festival, but a new teaser trailer gives us a first glimpse at the film now and I am seriously impressed.
Granted the quickly edited promo only allows for the visuals, and not Robert's performance, to stand out, but all signs point to this being the kind of role that could finally give him the non-Twilight hit (critically if not commercially) that has thus far eluded him.
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The first teaser trailer for David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis has arrived and it looks strange, very strange indeed; but in a very, very good way.

Pattinson looks ready to break free from the Twilight mold and the material itself looks to perfectly compliment Cronenberg's style. We would love to see more than what this international teaser shows off, but it looks like we'll have to wait until the film gets released some time in 2012 to get the whole picture.

At some point while watching the first teaser trailer for David Cronenberg's upcoming thriller Cosmopolis, you're going to be hit with a question. That question might be, "Did Robert Pattinson just shoot himself?" It could be, "Is he urinating inside the car?" Or possibly even, "Is that a giant rat?" And the answer to any and all of these questions is invariably, "Yes."

But one question that will probably not be answered: "What is going on?" It's hard to say. But that only makes Cronenberg's NSFW trailer more compelling.

We’ve little doubt that it’ll be quite superb.
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The most recent addition to Pattinson’s indie resume is a film that truly deserves to be labeled “edgy” and “risque”: David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis.
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Twilight fans have been waiting a while to see a trailer for COSMOPOLIS, starring their favorite sparkling vampire Robert Pattinson. But non-Twilight fans have been waiting even longer to see Robert Pattinson break out of his brooding, depressed typecast that he seemed to have gotten stuck in. Today is a good day for everyone as we finally get to see Robert Pattinson do something more adult oriented in David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS. AS much as I want to make fun of Robert Pattinson, I do think the guy has some talent and it’s evident in this lightning-quick teaser trailer (the whole thing is barely 30 seconds). It looks like it has a great mix of violence, sex and mystery to keep it going. And it should be more than enough Robert Pattinson for his die-hard fans, even though I’m not sure this is the type of role they want to see him in.
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Anonymous said...

*smirks, and raises a brow*

And all you fucknutt critics were the ones giving him shit for years about his portraying Edward, and questioning his talent. It's so nice to see you all eating your words.

*plays and replays Cosmopolous trailer over and, violence, grit, mayhem...*

Iluvthemovies said...

I am just happy that there is a film which reunites Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg fans. I know both David and Robert needed this film, by reading the countless sites and blogs. Robert for validation that he can act other than a sparkly vampire and to expand his fanbase and David to get back to his roots which many fans felt he had left behind I am thrilled beyond belief for both of them and I can hardly wait until a distributor picks this up asap, so we in the states can see this incredible pairing. For those distributors get your heads out of your a**es so we don't have to wait as long as it took for Bel Ami. We are still waiting for that one.

twmmy said...

And I'm yet courious why the critics don't see that Rob's portrayal of Edward is briliant? And if they weren't overwhelmed by their jelaousy, maybe could watch his other films and maybe could write any objective opinion. But I'm till afraid, when the film will come out, the jelaousy will win again, and they will citating their "Edward" choir.