Saturday, March 17, 2012

New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob at the Cosmopolis set

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More new/old pictures added

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Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

I am just being curious. On the list of contents, you stated that Robert was the executive producer of Remember Me. I am sure it meant he invested money into it. But whose idea was it, originally? who was the scriptwriter? Did it make money? how much was his take, if any? Please respond, and thank you in advance.

twmmy said...

Laarni, .. If my memorie didn't mis something, that was Rob's idea to be executive... The other infos you can ge tfrom the ImdB page of Remeber Me

Unknown said...

Laarni, yes he was the executive producer of RM. Iam not sure if he invested his money in it because executive producer job is more into how to sell the movie not as the investor. But maybe as an executive producer he will got money from the profit of the film.
The scriptwritter was will fetters, and RM was his first try as a scriptwritter. He also the scripwritter for the lucky one (zac efron)

Iam sure it made money, RM wideworld got $56.000.000 while their budjet was $16.000.000.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

It was gracious of you to respond. Thank you for the info.

ghulam sarwar said...

nice work keep it up