Saturday, March 3, 2012

New pictures from NYC

My guess? The pictures are most likely from yesterday (Mar 2nd, 2012) since he was spotted at JFK yesterday heading to France by Fan 1 and Fan 2.

Thanks to Pattinsonlife


katy said...

Damn Rob looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

Pretty sure these pics are from yesterday. Dean being there with Rob makes more obvious that Rob was in NYC for work related reasons.

PoppyAnna said...

on his way to JFK, now in Paris as of this morning :-)

Iluvthemovies said...

His hair looks like it is growing out. What I really want to see other than Rob walking the streets of NYC is Bel Ami in the USA pronto. Why must we wait so long, they know that there will be a profit made, by all that is sacred, must it make megabucks like the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter franchise, or any fanboy's superhero movies? I want to chant with a metal cup against steel bars, "we want Bel Ami, we want Bel Ami, we want Bel Am". A simple request to soothe the masses.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rob got to enjoy some fairly pain-free, quiet time in NYC. And on his way to join his Lady in Paris now, should be an awesome time! =) I wish my hunky and I could get away to Paris, sighs.

I swear Dean reminds me of my brother more and more each time I see him, LOL. He looks just like him, built like him. My Dad and brother both tall, thick guys. But now Dean dresses casually like my brother, right down to the camel color work boots, lol