Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson mention Rob and Twilight

Liam gets asked about being the next Robert Pattinson.

Josh has to choose which boys are hotter? The ones from Twilight or The Hunger Games. At 0:35.

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Anonymous said...

God, I'm so sick of the media trying to make it a competition between the two franchises. The actors should just refuse to answer such questions.

Iluvthemovies said...

Personally just hotness alone, nothing else, not the acting ability, or self-confidence, or anything else, just based on who is hotter, it is definitely the Twilight guys. I personally thing the story is better with Hunger Games, but lets face facts Robert is to cool for school. He is so charismatic, just a smirk from him brings women and girls to their knees (no pun intended), Josh does not have that ability in my opinion and althougth I think Liam is cuter of the two, he still can't compare to Robert's charisma. I do agree I wish they would stop comparing them, it is like comparing apples against oranges, they are two completely different generes. It is so idiotic.

twmmy said...

I1m just sick with all comparing. I would admit the HG was good, if I had any intent to read that. I have no. It's too close to the life in east-europe. I like loose myself in love stories. And they say, I'm a strong woman, I don't like to be that, I would be happy if I had an Edward in my life...
And of course there is no way I like any of HG actors like Rob.
By the way, I don1t think ROb like to be 'the Rob Pattinson.'