Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People's Choice Awards 2012

Water for Elephants won for Favorite Movie Drama

Pictures - Thanks to Pattinsonlife

ETA: Added new HQs to all sections. Backstage, audience and on stage. Scroll to check all of them. And large pictures to the Wonderwall photobooth part

HQ Pictures



On Stage

MQ (for now)

Wonderwall photobooth

Fan Pictures


Favorite Movie Drama for Water for Elephants - Rob's speech (source)

Rob and Ashley posing backstage

Rob and Betty White in the audience

Jane Lynch Skit ("Twilight sandwich")


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Nicole said...

Total hotness! Love the shaved head!

cianapowell said...

I like the shaved head!!! Either way is hot.

♥ Helena Zelaya ♥ said...

OMR!! Rob looks soooooo sexy with that shaved head! i almost die!! and im so glad that WFE won!! that way he can see that we love him way beyond Twilight! :)

twmmy said...

Rob, Rob, if you don't want the media speaking about your hair..... stay boring. You are never boring me.... and your outfit doesn't fit with your giggling... A bold man with sweet giggles... You've made my day. Really.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

I truly wish you fans would really care for Rob and his career and be objective for once. I couldn't care less whether he showed up bald or not. I like him well enough and believe that he has the makings to be one of the good actors. But this time around, he was not right. The fans voted for him to bestow this honour, and their choices were announced at this special event. And how did he repay them? By going to this special event dressed as if he was just going to a corner pub. It seemed to the world that he was making a mockery of this fan event. I hope his statement saying that he couldn't care less if anyone saw the movie, won't haunt him in his future movies. Rob, take heed.

katy said...

I love Rob!! Hair or no hair, beard or no beard, Scruffy, clean shave, however he looks, he's a GORGOEUS man.
And I'm happy that Water For Elephants won for favourite movie drama.

twilightnan said...

OMG!!..@twmmy..yes..totally agree with you..haha..Rob is never ,never,boring!..What a statement!!it's this Hot!Hot! Buzz Hair that made a buzz on last night PCA show (IMO)!!Congrats for WFE excellent speech..short and! 'Standing ovation from the crowds!!Way to go Rob ,we love you even more!!!!!

JA said...

the people's choice awards IS a mockery. totally fixed.

JA said...

@twilightnan you are so loyal to him, ha! not my favorite 'do but he looks great no matter what his hair looks like.

katy said...


Rob was appropriately dressed for the PCA's. This was not the Golden Globes or the Oscars.

Nicole said...


He said something to the fact that he enjoyed making the movie so much that he was ok with no one seeing it, not that he just simply didn't care if people watched the movie. If you watched any of the press tour for wtf you would already know this.

And yes, he didn't dress up but who cares this isnt the oscars.

Is that more objective for you?

JA said...

i think we're all pretty objective. we don't may or may not care about his hair...but we don't judge him for the way he's dressed either.

personally, i can only hope he'll continue to make movies that he doesn't care if people see. rather than make movies like...Abduction.

Iluvthemovies said...

I guess I am a bit old-fashioned, but when a celebrity attends an award show, I would like them dress up. It does not have to be a suit or tuxedo, it depends on the type of award show. I felt that Rob could have put on a nice pullover and nice jeans and he would have been set. We all know how lovely Rob looks in sweaters and pullovers. I wish he would make an effort to dress appropriately for these award shows. Yes when it is the Oscars or Golden Globes where you hob nob with the industry, then you spruce up, but for the fans it is anything on my floor that is not dirty, I will put on. That is how I personally feel. As for his hair, it was ok with me. He has such a handsome face, it does not matter what haircut he has, and I know others despise it, but to each his own. A true fan has preferences but they will still follow the celebrity no matter what their preference may be.

Iluvthemovies said...

One more thing, before you all tear me to shreds, but this is a good thing. It looks like Rob is working out. I was looking at his upper arms, and it looks like it was sort of cut, his neck looks a bit thicker, I don't know it could be my eyes playing tricks with me, but he looks like he is working out, I wonder if he has a new role up and coming. I heard something about him playing a Russian In Child 44, another book adaptation of a Russian who gets involves and tries to solve a real-life serial killer of children by train stations.

JA said...

@iluvthemovies, that's ok..i think he gave the PCAs the respect it deserves. so i think he dressed appropriately. in my mind, the PCAs are about as prestigious at the MTV movie awards.

yes, he's definitely working out!

twilightnan said... know me so well:)..honestly though I nearly fell off my chair first time I saw his hair this morning lol!!but then the blueness of his eyes just hit me and I was mesmerised from top of my head ..right down to my toes lol!..and ITA with @Iluvthemovies..he is working out..Hello biceps!..I'm looking forward to BEL AMI and Cosmopolis!..hope something about his new projects:)..the Child 44 ..well we just have to wait...hugs to all ..and thank you ladies of RPL for all your hardwork keeping this amazing blogsite going!!

twilightnan said...

@Nicole..ITA with your comments/response to @Laarni.

meleny said...

ITA with @Iluvethemovies he looks like he's working out, he allways looks sexy!

meleny said...

ITA with @Iluvethemovies he looks like he's working out, he allways looks sexy!