Monday, January 9, 2012

Mia Maestro mentions Rob in a new interview with

Excerpt from a long interview to Mia Maestro: she had been asked if Rob and Kris are partners in real life.

Maestro answered: That's what you have to ask them. But yes, they are super open, super friendly.

Then Mia talks about coexistence outside the set: We had departments where we could cook, I was much more at home than you could think, and we ate all together, we cooked.
Pattinson? He does not cook. The cook is Kristen.

And Taylor Lautner?
I did not meet him much, because we did not share many scenes. But I can tell you that Taylor, when I took my dog to the shooting, looked after him and played with him.

Who is the most beautiful then? I can't answer you. Robert is very nice.

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twilightnan said...

Ahh..Mia is a lovely woman,and a great singer I saw her (plus Christian Camarro who played-Eleazar) at the Official Twilight Convention in LA..haha..of course she is not going to tell..about Rob and Kristen ..anyway..true fans already know the answer to that old question..I love it when she said..Kristen is the cook!..I think it's great that the Twilight cast members are like a closely knit family!..can't wait for BD1 DVD