Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Interview with BRAVO Magazine from the BD German Press Junket

Thanks to kristenforthewin for the translation (Rob's part) and for sending in these scans.

Awesome - "Breaking Dawn Part 1" is one of the most popular movies of 2011. It has climbed to the top of the movie charts worldwide and made 500 Mio Euro so far. Everyone loves vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob. But are the two principal performers Robert Pattinson (25) and Taylor Lautner (19) heroes in real life, too? And what happened if they wouldn't only dominate the movie hit lists but also the whole world? That's what BRAVO wanted to know - and as always they don't agree on each other's opinion...

BRAVO: Imagine you were the kings of the world - what dreams of yours would you make come true?

ROB: First of all, I would standardize the system of education. It's way too complicated all over the world. Also, kids and teens are teached too little for their futute and what they really need in later life.
ROB: Oh! I have another idea: teleporting! I would use the whole national property to do research in teleporting. You could beam yourself anywhere, no more pollution by cars and aircraft!

BRAVO: And what would you prohibit right away?
ROB: I would prohibit boring people (laughs). In my opinion there's nothing worse. People who are boring would be put in prison and there they would be forced to learn to be creative together with the other prisoners.

BRAVO: And where would your capital city be?
ROB: I would found my own city called 'Shit City'. Some daunting name so that nobody would like to live there at all. It would be located on the Fiji Islands - a paradise for me only!

BRAVO: Which song would be your national anthem?
ROB: 'Wannabe' by Spice Girls.

BRAVO: Eh? Why this song?
ROB: I think it's funny that all the stupid politicians would have to salutate to this song. A matching song for all the wannabe-politicians!

BRAVO: Who would be your Queen?
ROB: Mmh... Any woman who loves to run a country. But I would never force anyone to do it! (laughs)

BRAVO: What would you wish your commoners?
ROB: I think everyone should have the opportunity to accomplish what they want with all their heart.

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