Monday, January 23, 2012

64 New/Old Outtakes From The Endless Photoshoot

As always, some old pictures and lots of new ones.

Thanks to Pattinsonlife


katy said...

Aww, the photoshoot that keeps on giving. Not complaining. UNF! Roberto

tru*blu said...

Thank you for the great Photos of RP. As I understand Robert is a down to earth kind of person. I loved at the Peoples Choice awards when he came dressed in what he was comfortable in, very unpretentious. Thank you again from a fan in Maine. :}

Aly said...

Rob always look good in all photos he has had taken. He is a lovely down to earth guy who loves his fans and always gives time for them. He is a very good actor and deserves to go far. He will never forget where he came from and fame won't alter him. Love you Rob xxx