Thursday, December 8, 2011

More than 90 Fan Pictures from the London, LA and Berlin Premieres + Fan Account

Another compilation post of fan pictures. Pictures from the London, LA and Berlin Premires and a fan account

London Premiere



LA Premiere (Source/Via)

Berlin Premiere - Fan Account at the bottom (Source/Via

Fan Account

Ok, so where do I even begin? Fuck, this past 48 hours were insane alright? So, I went to Berlin and met up with Lior and Bleriana. I got there Thursday night, and we started getting ready to the premiere on Friday. We came to the SonyCenter in Berlin at 9 AM, barely no one was there, and it was freezing. Like, freeeeeeezing.

We waited for like 10 hours, and all the interviewers came to talk to us - And we told them all that we are from Israel and that we have a present for Rob, and that they should tell him to come over at the premiere. Then when the live stream started the they were interviewing us live, and we showed the shirt we got him and everything! The shirt is saying “Fear the Beard” because we totally ship the beard Rob always has when he is off set :P We also brought Dean this edit that was running around on Tumblr and Twitter, the Bodyguard poster > If anyone knows who made this please tell me so I could give them credit!! We got a picture with Wyck and Bill, they were so nice! Lior saw the movie on Wednesday and she told Bill it was a “Masterpiece” and Bill looked so genuinely happy and said “I’m so glad you liked it!” Taylor was ADORABLE! I got an autograph and a picture, and I told him to tell Kristen I said Hi, and that I wish she was here. And he said: “Will sure do!”

So when Rob was there we were like freaking out, and then we saw Dean and Stephenie! Dean was too busy protecting Rob so I gave the bodyguard thing to Steph and she was laughing like hell! She even started taking pictures of it with her iPhone!
And then -Rob- came there. Looking so much better in real life. So sweet and amazing and down to earth. So we gave him the shirt and said “We really like your beard!” And he laughed and smiled the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen alright?

And then we were so overexcited that we cant really remember if he actually said anything, but we think it was something like “Oh, this is really funny” And we took a picture with him, me and Lior, but the camera was zoomed in! :O So we asked him if we can take a picture again, and he replied in the sexiest voice known to earth - “Want me to take it?”

I also got an autograph, on a picture of him with Kris from the LA premiere. Forever in love with the picture and with them ok. It was the best thing ever, I can’t believe I’ve actually met him and that he was real. That moment was so surreal and I’m forever grateful, it took a long way to actually manage to get there and be able to meet him.

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