Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bel Ami to be Shown in Theaters in Belgium January 3, 2012?

According to Astrid (source), there is a event in Belgium called Ladies at the Movies that is something put together for women only and sometimes features films that are unreleased and star hot actors..

According to the site, Bel Ami is listed to play in a few selected theaters in Belgium on Jan 3rd and 4th.

The full list of theaters and dates (via)
- Kinepolis Hasselt (1 showing) Jan 3, 2012
- Kinepolis Kortrijk (2 showings) Jan. 3, 2012
- Metropolis Antwerpen (1 showing) Jan. 3, 2012
- Kinepolis Gent (2 showings) Jan 4, 2012
- Kinepolis Leuven (1 showing) Jan. 4, 2012
- Kinepolis Oostende (1 showing) Jan. 4, 2012
- Astrid said the film is at Kinepolis Brugge on Jan. 3rd but it's not showing the title to any film on that day. It DOES have showings for a Ladies At The Movies event.

You can purchase tickets HERE

Since we are not familiar with the event we can't confirm if the movie will really be shown, but it seems legit. We'll update when we have more details.

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