Friday, December 9, 2011

More Adorable Fan Pictures, Videos and Fan Account from BD Promo (and from WFE NYC Premiere)

Instead of making a million fan pics posts, we'll keep doing these compilation posts for now since there are still so many new fan pictures.

Fan account and fan videos at the bottom of the post

Oldie, but goodie - Water for Elephants NYC Premiere (Tanya/Via) - check the cute videos at the bottom of the post

Breaking Dawn LA Premiere (Source/Via)

Breaking Dawn Berlin Premiere - Fan pictures and fan account (Source/Via - click to read the complete fan account)

Finally at 7:00pm they arrived on the carpet!!!! it was the best feeling ever... =)) - they gave so many signatures and had time for all the fans out there. I was totally surprised that they made it. And finally Rob stands in front of me - the best moment in my whole life!!!!!
I gave him German M&M´s as a present, and he was sooo happy :) u can see it on the photo (top). Then I asked him for a photo with me and he took my camera and snapped the pic. But my camera didn't work in that moment... :( and the girls around me couldn't hear me asking for another cam... so he said I'm sorry to me and walked down the fan line. I'm still searching for my photo with him because I'm sure someone took it by accident :)) - so Rob walked away, and then came Taylor in our corner :))) he took pics with almost all if they asked him - also with me :)) (now I could grab my phone and took a photo with him and me *_* ). The great finale was that we won the premiere tickets and could watch Breaking Dawn. It was the happiest day in my whole life... and was all worth it :)) and Robert and Taylor are soo good to their fans. I'm proud to be a twihard forever and ever :)


Cute video from the handprint ceremony (Source)

And the old videos from the WFE NYC Premiere - quick videos, but he looks so handsome

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