Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amazon Releases Back Cover of the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' DVD and Blu Ray

We posted the cover and a few details about the Blur Ray and DVD here. Now, released the back cover of the Blu Ray.

Special Features
6-Part Making Of Documentary (standard and Picture-In-Picture mode)
Edward & Bella's Personal Wedding Video
Jacob's Destiny
Jump to...(character specific favorite scenes)
Audio Commentary with Bill Condon
Edward Fast Forward
Jacob Fast Forward

ETA: Back cover of the DVD from Amazon

Via Pattinsonlife


camila said...

And where are the extended and deleted escenes?!! And the kristen/ robert commentary?!!! Where?
We need a R rated dvd!!!

twmmy said...

@camila ... in our dreams, Scummit never will release an R rated Twilight film. They misunderstanded the whole theme and the fans.

Tarika said...

You right summit never understood what the fans want that's why the movie did not live up to it's expectations. Such a sad DVD cover can't we have a better poster in the front Bella always between Edward and Jacob, it's the same as the Eclipse poster no change.
Since the deleted and extended scenes are not included in this DVD I suppose they are releasing an extended version of the movie weather R rated I don't know, am hoping they do.

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