Monday, October 3, 2011

Kevin Durand talks Rob and Cosmopolis "He's got an edge to him in this film"

MTV News caught up with "Cosmopolis" co-star Kevin Durand at the premiere of "Real Steel" over the weekend, and he had nothing but rave reviews for both the film and its leading man.

"It's awesome. We're just in postproduction right now. It's incredibly exciting," Durand said. "Robert is a very gracious, kind fella, and we had a great time [filming]. We had a really great time."

When asked what new sides of Pattinson's acting abilities we'll see in the film, Durand said we'll see an edgier, more adult version of the "Twilight" star. "He's got an edge to him in this film," Durand said. "He did some really excellent work that I think he should be very proud of."

The "Real Steel" and "I Am Number Four" actor went on to say that given the subject matter and action in the plot, the film will have a more adult rating and that fans should be very excited to see it.

"[It takes place] in present day, but it's its own time and place," he explained. "Mr. Cronenberg has such an amazing voice. I myself am just as excited, probably more excited, than anyone else to see it, just to see what he's done with it."


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Iluvthemovies said...

I am so eager to see this transformation in Robert's character instead of the romantic lead. Don't get me wrong I like him as a romantic lead but it becomes very boring and I think he needs to challenge himself with new genres. I do hope he receives very good critical reviews, so he can continue to be offered great roles with A-list actors, actresses, and directors. You go Rob.