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Rob interview with (transcript of the press conference)

Robert Pattinson wants "fries with mayo" and finds that "women are crazy"

Robert Pattinson, the hero of Twilight, was in Belgium today to meet fans and introduce some new clips from the next installment in the saga. He gave a press conference this morning. We were there.

A few days after the arrival of Steven Spielberg and Jamie Bell for the world premiere of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, now that Brussels rolls out the red carpet for two other international stars. Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene are indeed in Belgium, all day, to promote the next movie of the Twilight saga.

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 will be released on November 16. The secret is was locked down: no journalist had yet the opportunity to see this film, the fourth in the saga. The movie will deal tho with the wedding of Edward and Bella and a baby born of their union. Given the few pictures that have circulated, we already know that the birth of the child will be bloody, since Edward will perform on his young wife a c-section with his own the teeth.

"I loved shooting this scene," Pattinson, sporting a beard, told us this morning. "It was crazy! I had Kristen’s legs on my shoulders, cream-cheese all over my face to ~represent her uterus and then you tell yourself: “But what kind of movie am I shooting? "

"Filming in front of a green screen for days "

Robert didn’t live well the indoors shoots. "We filmed in front of a giant green screen, indoors. I was wearing contacts and there was dust in the air constantly, and fake snow. We faked a storm. We shot there for two months. Everything that you will see in those scenes is from the green screen. It was pretty horrible. "

Ashely agrees: "It is true that it may seem easy, since we were inside, but it wasn’t." Still, for the pretty brunette, the worst was, "it was weather." "It was raining, cold, add this to the fact that we were shooting at night, from 7 pm to 7 am, it was really difficult."

Robert Pattinson, never stopping with the jokes, gave an honest smile when a journalist asked him what Twilight helped him understand the complexity of women's feelings. The actor doesn’t let himself get trapped by the questions and understands right away the attempt to collect some confidences about his private life. Rob stays cleverly focused on the movie.

"Sometimes women are crazy"

"Bella's story is very special. I think the fact that so many people liked the books, to a story wherein a lot of ways I will look at Bella’s decisions in the book and go ‘what are you doing?’ Is that they fell referred to, which makes me think that people tend to make choices that are a little crazy, a little stupid. I don’t think Twilight helped me better understand women. I think sometimes women are crazy and it is better to just give up”, he says laughing.

"Don’t have sex before marriage"

Later, he will add, still joking, what you should learn from his character is that you «should not have sex before marriage." Even tho "here, it's too late, it's done", he smiles again.

A father who’s completely freaking out!

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 will show us how Edward and Bella discover the joys and anxieties of pregnancy. There were scenes with the child that Robert has not really prepare for. "I was like any man who becomes a father. Women have an internal instinct, they are more comfortable. I, like all the guys, was completely freaked out," he said, mimicking anxiety and pretending to hold a baby at arm's length. "We worked with a small baby. I was afraid to break it. It was a phenomenal ad-libbing."

French fries, and mayo for Rob, please!

After a good half-hour of Q&A, Robert Ashley left the flashes before the next event tonight at the Square in Brussels (near Central Station). Robert expects screaming, but he’s well trained now. "Fans always scream, there are always slight differences, you always hope there’s going to be something new. You think that they will bring in some characteristics; they’ll have like some French fries and mayonnaise.
He stops himself and laughs some more. “What am I talking about? I’m not awake yet, I think I’m still dreaming.” He goes on: “I used to be scared by the fans’ screams but not anymore. I know how it goes now. I know how to cut myself off from everything happening around me and how to avoid panic attacks.” We’ll be able to admire his at ease attitude tonight on the red carpet.

Another transcription from TwilightBelgium (translated by ToR)

Twilight Stars Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene are in Brussels today to promote the latest Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn Part I). At half past ten the actors were expected at the conference table, not really early but they did take some time. was there for the entire press conference.

Robert entered the hall in his casual style of checkered shirt T-shirt and jeans jacket. And no, he had not shaved since Sunday! Ashley’s make-up was perfect, long hair impeccably combed, and a simple blue dress with sky-high heels in black shiny leather.

The duo was relaxed, Ashley has more awake than Robert, who repeatedly had to admit that he clearly wasn’t awake yet – though that did not stop him to joke around. But jet lag and tiring day or not, the press and the fans wanted answers … and sometimes to the oddest questions!

“Robert, Twilight is primarily the story of Bella, so from a female perspective and because of that it appeals to many girls and women. Did the making of these movies help you to understand women?”

Robert Pattinson: “Bella is a very special girl. Most fans of the movies came via the books and that has a lot to do with Bella’s decisions, which you often think: ‘What is she doing now? That’s not logical!” But people are still able to recognize themselves in it… in the entire crazy decision. And with that I actually say that I learned that most women are crazy (Laughs). Actually I don’t think it helped me to understand women more (laughs again). I often think to just give up: it’s no use! “(laughs exuberantly)

“You become a father is in the movie. How was that for you?

Robert: “It was very clumsy. For women it’s natural, any woman that gives birth, take it as if she has done a million times. Men are as clumsy, are afraid to let it drop or break something.”

“It was often improvising, filming with a baby. At one point there had to be all this fake blood on the newborn baby, so we had to apply it to the baby and the child starts to cry in my arms. So we do everything to calm the baby down a bit and then I thought: “This really feels like my baby. But it was fun to play, totally different from the other films. “

“The birth scene is Robert’s favorite scene.”

Robert: “I sat there, with Taylor (Lautner, EDP) with the legs of a doll on my shoulders, eating our way through the a womb of cream cheese with some on our face.”

Ashley (interrupts): “Cream cheese? Why cream cheese? “

Robert: “That was supposed to be the uterus. That’s how it looks.”

Ashley: “Is that so? That’s good to know!”

Why was that scene his favorite one?

Robert: “Because the sheer horror, the complete madness to film it and certainly for a movie as the Twilight series. Twilight has been an epic story, adventurous, but at the same time very romantic. Until this scene that is. Taylor and I sat there laughing some, it was so crazy… sometimes we wondered: What kind of movie is this going to be? “

“How was it to keep that scene secret, or at least try to keep it secret?”

Robert: “It was really ridiculous. While we were trying to film, there were people hiding in the bushes, and they were flying over with helicopters, really crazy.”

“To be frank it’s just a girl in a wedding dress and a man in a suit, it is all within what people expect! From afar all weddings look the same. But people are curious and they made it impossible for us to film all the time because they were trying to break into the set. Kristen had to be carried in a bag, so the dress certainly would not leak. ” (Which was only partially successful, ed)

“Was that the worst part of filming of Breaking Dawn too?”

Ashley: “No, that was the cold!”

Robert: “We also filmed all day in front of a green screen, in a kind of hangar. There was dust everywhere and combined with the lenses that we had to wear it was hell.”

Ashley: “You mean the scenes with the fake snow?”

Robert: “Yes, exactly. For two months, every day, everything was green, you felt like you were going crazy. We were filming inside but that did not make it any better.”

“Have you learned anything from your characters, something that you’re going to take with you in real life?”

Robert: “That you should not have sex before marriage!” (Laughs) No, he (Edward, ed) does have it so thats not possible. “

“Are there any downsides that you do not want to take with you in real life?”

Robert: “Girls often say that Edward’s “sooo perfect “, but he’s not. I do not like people who try to exert control in a relationship, when there is an imbalance. This is very wrong and very strange. Fortunately, he finally gives up and he tries not to boss Bella around.”

“I can not say that I am similar to Edward. From the beginning, the relationship between Edward and Bella is complicated, there is always danger against which they must fight. He thinks far too much, which doesn’t really make him lighthearted. That’s not how I am at all! “

Which he proved with all the jokes he made during the press conference.

“What else is in store for you today? You don’t happen to have some time to eat a waffle with us?”

Robert: “I have absolutely no idea what my schedule is, I know just where I have lunch.”

Ashley: “We are simply told that we have to be somewhere, that’s it.”

Robert: “My manager was standing at the window of my room this morning and pointed at just about the most important monuments of Brussels. I have the impression that the city consists mainly of churches (laughter). Sorry, I really say the stupidest things without thinking I do not know what’s wrong with me (laughs again). I would like to see Brussels ….

Ashley (jokingly): “Just buy a book!” (Both laugh)

Finally: “Will there be a sequel to Twilight, and if so, will you then resume the same parts?”

Ashley: “That’s for Stephenie Meyer (author of the series) to decide actually. For me: I’m done with Alice Cullen.

Robert: “Breaking Dawn completes all the stories too nicely. A sequel would be a bit odd: a sequel to do what? What could happen? Everything has come together. As for titles there is another problem: how would we call it… “More Breaking Dawn”? I mean… that doesn’t work now does it? “

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