Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn Paris Fan Event

HQ Pictures - Thanks Pattinsonlife



With Ashley

Red Carpet/With fans

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Fan Pictures



Red Carpet


Rob's reaction when he sees @LoveTheStew's gift (read on "tweets")

Arriving and leaving the fan event

Tweets - Q&A

@LoveTheStew: "Twilight changed my life" so cuuute
@georgiedavey: ROB SPOKE FRENCH. What is my life!?! I'm flailingggg.
@LoveTheStew: He can't stop drinking water lol :p ! He tried to translate himself , so funny
@LoveTheStew: He doesn't want to sing us a song lol
@LoveTheStew: " Kristen is incredibly lucky to have you Rob" he smiled cute
@SomeLostBliss: One girl mentioned kristen. Said kristen was a very lucky girl before asking her question.
@LoveTheStew: Delivering the baby was the most funny thing
@LoveTheStew: " They love us" Rob to Ashley about us lol
@LoveInTuscany: Both very generous. Even wrote autographs when coming out the back door. Looked stunning!
@AnnieMary83: some asked him whats his fav song/singer, we all said "Van Morrison", he laughed and said "actually im gonna say one of my friend, Marcus Foster" i was like "awwwwwwww"
@Pattinson_Fr Rob stayed a long time on the red carpet. Took pictures with fans and signed autographs. h looked so good with goatee (translated)
@Lubiie During the fan event, a girl ask Rob to sing and i was so embarrassed he didn't do it. Another girl give him a gift, it supposed to be a hat... Ashley answered first usually to the questions (courtesy) and Rob didn't know what to answer because Ashley already said it... he was so cute. He tryed to translate in his head a question of a french fan but he had the wrong translation. The other questions was classic.
Rob tried to translate a question which he understood as 'what's your favorite type of cream?' he then forgot about it & answered 'my hair' (translated from here)

Questions that will be asked today - via Facebook

Rough Translation - thanks Sonia

1 What is your dream role?
2 Would you like to explore a darker side of your characters?
3 What did you feel on the last day on set?
4 Which movie of the saga is your favorite?
5 Which director of the saga pushed you to give the best of yourself? what was the most difficult thing of all the movies?

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JA said...

the one of him and ashley....GAHHHH!!! he looks SO sexy!

Iluvthemovies said...

He looks like the old-time Parisian, like Geogre Duroy in Bel-Ami. I like his mustache and trimmed beard, so distinguished. Very good-looking.

twilightnan said...

Hi,Iluvthemovies &JA..not feeling well today..I think I've got a cold..all my joints are aching so I'm only here for a short visit..I can't miss seeing ROB!..ITA..he looks divine..that moustache and the little bit of stubbles made him "distinguished".. and "sexy"!..hope we get a better video looking at that sideways is not helping my head ache lol!..hugs to both of you..and Yaelfica + Twilola!..thanks Mandy and Linda:)

Nina Pearl said...
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Nina Pearl said...

He looks beautiful, but I miss his smile. Not one genuine Rob smile here. You know the one I mean, the one that reaches his eyes and there is life in him. Here he looks so distant. Perhaps he is just so tired Twilight, or the paps were paid to only display him moody and bored, perhaps he took to many valium lol perhaps he is dreading being immortalized, most likely that will be just embarrassing for him. Whatever it is Rob I hope you cheer up, and let us see that beautiful smile of yours.

JA said...

@synicallyme, i know exactly what you're saying :) hopefully we see THAT smile very soon!

naty said...

i love that he keep the beard,his natural hair is beautiful everything about him is beautiful <3 thank you RPLife

RKsoulmates913 said...

To: SynicallyMe

I know what you mean.And I couldn't agree more with you. i MISS HIS GENUINE SMILE TOO, that one full of life and love!!!

He is beyond words to describe his beauty here.No doubts about it. I'm speechless. Rob+beardygoatee=PERFECTION

Shirl said...

Thank you so much for these! Gorgeous photos, videos, all so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

aren't there any more videos of the Q and A session?

JA said...

the girl w/ the white knit hat...she needs to blow those pics up to poster sized...those are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with what JA and synicallyme. When he wasn't talking to/taking pictures with/ or giving autographs to fans...his expressions suggested something was off. =/ Then again we might be reading too much into it, dunno. I hope all is good in his world.