Monday, October 24, 2011

Rob Donated a Private Screening of Breaking Dawn - To Be Auctioned at Go Go Gala

Robert Pattinson has given young girls—and everyone else, for that matter—another reason to love him even more.

Here's how it came about: About a year ago, Pattinson donated a meet and greet with fans on the set of Breaking Dawn for a charity auction.

Not only did a Chicago family win the coveted prize with a bid of $80,000, but...

The money raised by Pattz for the Go Campaign is being used 100 percent to build a permanent home for PAGE (Program Advancing Girls Education), an organization helping to educate teen girls in Cambodia.

PAGE currently houses 12 girls in a rented facility. Sadly, they've had to move several times over the last three years because of health and safety concerns.

The new home will accommodate 20 girls. Run by Cambodian monks in Siem Reap, Cambodia, PAGE has also bought a piece of land large enough for its own vegetable garden to help feed the students.

And now we're happy to report that Pattinson is helping the Go Campaign again! He's donated a private screening of Breaking Dawn for 20 people that will take place in Los Angeles on Nov. 17, the night before the movie opens in theaters.

Guests will also take home a Twilight gift bag that includes signed posters, DVDs and a replica of Bella's wedding ring, among many other goodies.

Like last year, Pattinson's package is part of the auction that coincides with the Go Campaign's Go Go Gala. Hosted by Ewan McGregor, the fourth annual event takes place Nov. 10 at the London Hotel in Los Angeles.

The set visit was the highest bid ever for a Go Campaign auction. Will R.Pattz shatter his own record this time around?

We have a feeling he will.



Laury4Rob said...

Wow this is an amazing thing, he isn't that up front about what he is doing to help any organization but this gesture is really really sweet of him and shows the type of human being he is... his parents ought to be proud of the boy they raised!

katy said...

How sweet!! he such a generous and kind hearted person.

Saphire1231 said...

How awesoe is Robert Pattinson! It is a testement to his upbringing and his intelligence that he picks a subject such as this to support. He makes me even more proud to be a fan than I was before (if that is possible).