Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paul Giamatti talks about Cosmopolis and Rob "I was really impressed, I thought he was great"

Since the video is blocked in some locations, added the youtube version



Iluvthemovies said...

I have so embraced Paul Giamatti's work since "The Negotiator" he is a fantastic actor, especially loved him in "Sideways" and to say that about Rob is so fantastic. I know many people did not like the book and I am uncertain if they will like the movie but I do have a feeling that Rob will be seen by people in a different way and it is good, I am not talking about his Twilight or female fans, I mean critics and males. I look forward especially in seeing the scenes between Rob and Paul, it should be stupendous.

katy said...

Thank you so much for adding the youtube version! :)

I really happy hearing all this great thing about Rob...proud Fan!!

Can't wait to see Cosmopolis!