Friday, September 30, 2011

New/Old Picture of Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Stephenie Meyer and Kristen mentions Rob in her interview with Glamour

Full scan

And she talks about Rob and Breaking Dawn in the interview

SM: I remember when we were shooting the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn-I was losing it because we were so sleep-deprived at that point.
KS: Yeah, the last night...I was exhausted, and it's funny, Rob (Pattinson) was actually way more energetic than I was at the end of it.

SM: It must be hard to concentrate on yout perfomance when you're so worried about the sound of your voice.
KS: It's weird...Especially considering that I've recently had so much experience speaking the way that I speak. Because this is how Bella talks.

SM: Can you imagine how miserable you would have been? Now I feel kind of guilty, because that's exactly what we made Rob do.
KS: Yeah, actually, that's true. Completely. (laughs).

SM: How long did you have off after Breaking Dawn?
KS: It doesn't feel like I've had any time off. I should have just gone home and relaxed.

SM: It took a while before I could kind of step back and say, OK, it's over [laughs]. It's a long time to do one thing!
KS:And the experience of watching is always so strange. I watched this one with Taylor [Lautner] for the first time. It was really fun.

SM: Who can not like Taylor?
KS: No! I mean definitely! And it's fun to watch it with him because we actually sit and watch it. Me and Taylor are actual Twilight fans, so we can sit there and be totally into it! Whereas I sit there with Rob...he likes it, but he has just a different energy.

SM: Oh, Rob and Taylor have completely different energy! Watching it with Taylor, you feel afraid that you'll get ice downthe back of your neck or a grape in your face.

KS: Totally.

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j said...

Saw the new pictures and she looks amazing as usual.

Gotta admit though, that the whole loving Bella and Jacob thing (and not mentioning Edward) kinda hurt a bit -- even the comparisons of watching the movies made Rob look like the odd one out. But given who is interviewing her, not really surprised that the topics were pro Jacob...

twilightnan said...

HMM...yeah..that sucks a bit...but who cares about taycob...he is not the one who shares K's bed!!..and ITA @j.."not really surprised that the topics were pro 'MUTT'..if she could have changed the ending I bet the Mutt would be marrying Bella instead of!!JMO!

Iluvthemovies said...

As Rob stated on the Leno show to Emma Roberts "you just revealed yourself to have no taste", that is what I think of Stephenie Meyers Twilight Saga's New Moon, Eclipse, and especially Breaking Dawn. She had a dream, wrote a good first book (for me personally, I know others liked it, sparkling vampires(Yuck)). As the books progressed I liked them less because the focus was taken away from the hardships involved and the romance between Bella and Edward and led to other storylines, which were fine, except the emphasis was taken away from Bella and Edward. I like Rob I think he has charisma and that indefinable "X or It factor" that makes him so easy to watch onscreen and likeable. I am not a big Twilight fan especially the movie versions, but I hope one day they will remake The Twilight Saga but stay true to the book or at least with less deviations from the book that are very glaring. I think that Taylor is more on a normal realm and Robert is more esoteric, he does not think things like the normal person but I do believe that is what makes him unique.

twilightnan said...

Hi, reading your comments and I'm sure you know by know how totally Robsessed I am...I love the Twilight book but for me it was ROBERT PATTINSON,the twilight film,and the Romance between Edward and Bella that I fell in love with..Big time!!!..there was no turning back for me as soon as I watched Rob as Edward walked in through the school canteen,..haha..I was a goner!..never felt like this with any other actors..Rob as you said has got that "it" factor!...then of course I read all the books...Iluvthemovies you should be one of those Top Film'll be excellent!

Cindygal said...

I alwyas enjoy reading all your comments ladies, especially Iluvthemovies!

bat1412 said...