Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vanity Fair Cover - Is that you Rob?

Here’s a visual clue:

We realize that”s not much to go on, but feel free to leave a guess in the comments section below and check back tomorrow for another hint.

Vanity Fair

I say that's his arm


Korslvr22 said...

please please be him. just the thoughts of a full spread of new vf pictures of him just has me wanting to reenact his groan from that clip that i cant seem to not stop watching!!

skylarfinn said...

Wow. I've been always going to this site and this is actually the first time they have this kind of teaser page. :D Well I guess it's a preparation for their "bestselling" issue for the year if ever it's indeed Rob ;)

miserymee said...

it is rob!!!! this is why VF teased us.. cause they know all the fanggirl would be screaming and totally gonna grab one.. very would be boring if they revealed it just like that..