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Fan 2 Magazine - New Interview - Talks about New Moon and Bel Ami


Q: What’s the difference between Twilight and New Moon?

First of all production isn’t the same at all. As far as images and lightning goes, both movies are very different, they weren’t filmed the same way. I’d also say that the story of New Moon is much darker and masculine. The atmosphere is a bit more aggressive, less romantic. We’re far from Twilight where the heart of the story was Edward and Bella meeting, the beginning of their relationship, their passion…

Q: How did your meeting with the New Moon Director go?

Very well! He’s a great guys. He didn’t come on set the first day and say “We’re changing everything!” He adapted to what we had already done and brought his own personal touch to our characters and to the story. It was nice to work with him, we liked his ideas from the start.

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Q: Where did filming take place?

Always in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We spent a few days in Italy also.

Q: Is Jacob the hero of New Moon?

Yes, this time he’s carrying the movie.

Q: Are you jealous?

Absolutely not, quite the opposite actually. I’m happy for him… and for me. I had much less pressure this time around, therefore I was much more relaxed. No more stress. Having the lead role isn’t always easy to deal with. I was extremely nervous when we filmed Twilight. Now it’s Taylor’s turn, it’s great! (Laughs.)

Q: Has success gone to your head?

No, well I hope not! (laughs.) That being said, I’m not the same as I was when I started playing Edward. It’s normal, everyone changes.

Q: Have you gotten used to the craziness surrounding Twilight?

Not really… In each country, each city we go, to promote the movie, the reaction of the public is indescribable. Everyone yells and screams, there’s thousands of fans that wait for us at airports, hotels, restaurants… You can’t get used to that type of craziness, but you can’t fight it, because it wouldn’t change anything.

Q: What do you like the most about being an actor?

I like picking roles that are the opposite of what I am in real life. What’s most interesting is being able to express emotions and reactions in a movie that you couldn’t do in real life. It’s obviously the case for Twilight, but also for Little Ashes and Remember Me, the last movies I played in.

Q: Is it true that your coming to France soon?

Yes, I’m going to shoot Bel Ami, a new project. It should take place in January 2010. I can’t wait to be there and to come visit you.

Q: Did you know the book before taking the role?

Yes, Bel Ami is one of my favourite books. I know the story by heart. I’ll play the role of Georges Duroy, the main character. The script is great. I know that it’s going to be a great movie. I can’t wait to start filming.

Q: Have you ever wanted to quit anything?

There’s good and bad in every line of work. You have to know when to let go. I have to admit that at the beginning it drove me a bit crazy, but I realized that I couldn’t do anything. Anyways I spend the majority of my time on movie sets, not in the middle of sea of fans.

Translation by Thinking Of Rob
Scans via Breaking Dawn France

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