Monday, October 26, 2009

Rob's schedule for New Moon Promotion so far - Events and TV appearences


Nov/03 - Japan - more info here
Nov/06 - Los Angeles - Taping Jimmy Kimmel Live
Nov/10 - Paris - more info here
Nov/11 - London - more info here
Nov/12 - Madrid - more info here
Nov/14 - Munich - more info here
Nov/16 - Los Angeles - New Moon Premiere
Nov/17 - Los Angeles - Taping The Ellen Show
Nov/18 - New York - Late Show With David Letterman
Nov/19 - New York - Regis and Kelly | Today Show

TV appearences

Oct/27 - Scream Awards - Spike TV
Oct/30 - MTV Ulalume
Nov/18 - Late Show With David Letterman
Nov/19 - Regis and Kelly
Nov/19 - The Today Show
Nov/20 - The Ellen Show
Nov/20 - Jimmy Kimmel Live

I'm adding this to the layout. Keep checking for updates

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