Friday, October 30, 2009

Fan encounter in Vancouver

CELEBshorts had the chance to meet Rob, Sam and Kristen in Vancouver. Here what she has to say about the encounter :)

And now for the moment of truth..... I will remember this night for as long as I live. Or, if I ever become a vampire, forever. I was sitting down daydreaming as usual of Rob Pattinson when in walked Sam Bradley. I casually waved and said "Hi Sam!" Then of course my idiot "I'm talking to a celebrity" brain interrupted and I added, "I follow you on Twitter!" He smiled and chuckled. A few minutes later, Sam was just down the hall still in my line of sight. I thought to myself, "Hey, if he's still here why not ask for a photo?" We talked for a while about random things such as why he's in Vancouver, furniture shopping with his Mum and upcoming shows. For a second I was going to tell him my story of how I watched Bobby Long in concert yeeeeeeears ago before Rob was even famous but my "don't be a fool" brain fortunately stopped me. Sam was completely down-to-earth and so easy to talk to. It was odd, the entire time I was chatting with him I didn't even stop to think that perhaps Rob was joining him for the evening.

And he walked, just like the cafeteria scene in Twilight where he looked amazingly gorgeous and seemed to float on air. Rob Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen) was wearing a ballcap, his usual multi-layer collage of t-shirts (top layer accurately buttoned I might add), a black leather jacket, jeans and his black Nike's. He was accompanied by Kristen Stewart (aka Bella Swan) who was wearing a gray jacket, a black bustier and jeans.

Holy hell!!!! Never in a million years did I think I would run into these two. I thought of my Twitter friends who were going to literally die when I told them the news. Both Rob and Kristen appeared quiet and shy but once they got to Sam it was as if the walls came down. I could not believe I was standing right next to THEE Rob Pattinson. I considered asking him to pinch me, or even bite me on the neck. I looked up at his godly 6'-1" frame and without thinking blurted out, "I just saw your friend Sam!" Duh.....uh, yeah, Sam's standing just a few feet from us. He smiled, said "Oh, really?" and nodded. I asked for a photo and Sam walked over to take one of me and Rob. As we put our arms around eachother (insert high-pitched scream now) I said, "Smile, Rob." He laughed, looked at me and said, "No.", then gave his sexy Rob smirk. I confess that I did not want to let go of him. In fact, I caught myself grabbing the front of his shirt without even realizing it. As we're talking a man walking by says to Rob, "Hey, are you that Twilight guy?" and Rob answers, "Uh......NO." and laughs. Rob was all smiles and came off just as humorous, humble and lovable as he is on TV. To boot, he didn't smell of ciggies like I thought he would. No cologne, although I could swear he smelled just like heaven....

Next I asked Kristen if I could take a photo with her. She was her usual jittery self. She hesitated and said, "Well, you could if you want....well O.K." and walked over to me. I have a feeling she was surprised that I asked for a photo with her, especially since Rob was there. I mean, come on, if Rob's there would any normal woman give any attention to KStew? Probably not. My first impression is that she does not enjoy the lime light and is a bit shy, but is completely and utterly nice. Rob takes the camera to shoot a photo of us. He presses the wrong button and says as he reads the screen, (insert british accent here) "Camera is set to photo mode." Sam pops over and tells Rob the correct button to press and the moment is sealed in film forever.

For all you Robsten fans out there, I will say that there was no conclusive evidence of an intimate relationship between the two of them, but they did stand snuggly close together at times. There - is that enough for you guys to analyze for a few days?! ;

I contemplated staying there with them to ask for autographs, a group photo and just to chat but my "be polite" brain started knocking and told me that I had taken up enough of all their time. Sam was toting a guitar case with him so I presumed an all night jam session was impatiently awaiting them. I told them thank you, wished them good luck on the upcoming movies and then waved goodbye. I walked away and then my "Hello? You are in a room alone with Rob, Kristen and Sam" brain slapped me upside the head and I immediately turned around. But alas, they were already gone. Gee, vampires (and their friends) do move quickly.

I ran home to look at my photos and diagnose what just happened. Then my "I JUST MET ROB PATTINSON!" brain took control. I wanted to dance in the streets. I wanted to find the Titanic, rush to the front of the ship and yell, "I'm the king of the world!", I wanted to hug every human being that came close to me. My heart was beating faster than usual, probably just as fast as Bella's in Breaking Dawn's "transition" scene (but without the silent screaming and unbearable pain of course). I could not stop smiling, ALL NIGHT. My chance meetings with ROB and all the other cast members were unquestionably lucky and brief, but man were they worth it. Now I believe, vampires do exist....

To read about her encounter with Nikki, Elizabeth and Xavier, go to


textotraduccion said...

OMG this is great and anyone who encounter them are among the luckiest people in planet. Can we see the pics? if u dont want to appear u can go to photoshop or paint and hide ur face please i would really like to see the pix
Carla said...

the pics up top ARE the pics. i cropped myself out of them.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!!!

wesleyjack said...

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