Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Happens to R.Pattz When Twilight Is Over?

What will happen to Robert Pattinson after all of the Twilight Saga films are done? You think all the obsessed fans will flee him?
—HannahPenton, via Twitter

"Flee," eh? Well, if there's anything a Twilight fan loves, it's overblown melodramatic wordage. Why merely wander off when you tear through the woods as if being chased by a bloodthirsty high-fashion vampire?

Fans may love R.Pattz now, but kids also used to obsess over Orlando Bloom and Mark Hamill. The indicators for Pattz's future are not necessarily all that solid...

...and that's based on actual data. You know. Facts.

Like this one:

Pattz is already showing symptoms of the deadly Mark Hamill factor. Moviegoers had so much trouble disassociating the Star Wars actor from his Luke Skywalker character that he removed all mentions of the franchise from his résumé.

After taking the role of Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Elijah Wood was so aware of the dangers of Mark Hamill syndrome—"[Fans] were only able to associate him with that role," Wood once observed—that he deliberately picked movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to make sure he didn't get typecast.

"That's the main thing, continue to work and be perceived in a different light with different characters,"
Wood once explained to an Australian newspaper. (Bloom, on the other hand, has two giant franchises to overcome: Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.)

And that's exactly what Pattz needs to do more of. Right now. Because according to data pulled by social media agency Karma Media Labs, the kids are having a real hard time separating the actor from the bloodsucker.

Between the fan forums, social media sites and photo and video sharing sites, Karma CEO Lori Dicker concludes that "most of the references and conversations about Robert Pattinson are about his character, and less about him as a stand-alone personality outside of Twilight."

In fact, she notes, "One of the top contributors of content on a popular photo sharing site is named Robert_is_Edward."

And don't even talk to me about Pattz's forgettable turn as Salvador Dalí. Did you stand in line to see Little Ashes? Exactly.

Pattz has another big hurdle ahead of him, too.

He has to prove he can act. Sounds like an unnecessary road block—why please the critics when you can hypnotize fans?—but to survive in Hollywood long term, you really do need talent.

Harrison Ford made huge bank swinging from Star Wars to Indiana Jones. But he would have eventually crawled back to carpentry if directors found he couldn't carry a movie like Working Girl or Regarding Henry. And Pattz has yet to show true chops even in the movies he's already done.

Here's what the Village Voice had to say about Little Ashes: "Pattinson—first presented as a twitchy weirdo...has difficulty conveying cracked genius, at one point seeming to mimic Jame Gumb's prance in front of the mirror in The Silence of the Lambs until settling on just bugging his eyes out."

" more parody than performance," the Los Angeles Times echoed.

Even Twilight hasn't exactly bowled the critics over when it comes to Pattz.

After watching it, "I checked Pattinson out on Google Images and found he almost always glowers at the camera 'neath shadowed brow," über-critic Roger Ebert concluded.

Of course Pattz could show the world he has staying power starting with his next non-Twi flick, Remember Me. But until then, the jury is far from in.



Anonymous said...

Why do these critics always completely ignore all of his previous work except for Little Ashes?? How To Be, The Bad Mother's Handbook and The Haunted Airman are never mentioned but all those films showcase his acting ability. Rob can act - period.

isabel said...

yeah i have already thought of this problem and sleeping with kristen(Bella) sure does not help this problem in seeing him as seperate from Edward... i think that Remember Me has got to be a hit which is unfortunate but there are so many expectations on him..MUCH more than on any other Twilight actor..I mean he is "the next Johnny Depp" after all no one expects Kristen to be the next Reese Witherspoon or Meryl Streep for instance she will just keep making her little indie movies... poor Rob. anyway,Remember Me opens on the same day as Valentines Day the movie with just about every big name in hollywood and on valentines weekend no less and also the The Lightening Thief which is a big deal kids book. Summit should move his movie up or back because i dont think he can compete with those movies. I really hope that people will see him with Emilie on screen and accept it and the movie gets good reviews and he is able to move on from twilight.

halvir said...

Well, yeh, it will be really a hard work to separate him from Edward Cullen in future cos it's too bright character and everyone will associate him with this role for a long time. Till someone will shoot other Twilight movie. BUT! Saying that he can't act!!!! Its nonsence!!! By the way, for me his best role is not in a "Twilight". But Art in "How to be". And I was really impressed by his Toby in "Haunted Airman" and Salvador Dali in "Little ashes". Dali was outstanding role for my mind!!! Honestly, I don't expect that "Remember me" will be that impressive as his previous roles cos it's a simple love-story. And Rob realises this - he said this in his interview. I expect much more from "Bel Ami"...if only scriptwriters will not turn it into a "bed-to-bed-jumping-story".

Emma613 said...

Right now he is all that and a pack of bubble gum to all those silly little teenage girls.How hard was it to film Remember Me in New York when they are all screaming Edward and bite can only imagine... His acting in Twilight was very good given the fact he played the character under heavy make-up ...that fact in and of itself proves that he IS a great actor.While I hope Remember Me will be a good movie....I am thinking the ******* critics will have a field day with it in spite of how great a movie it is simply because he is in it.Twilight is most definitely not the apex of his career...his films before Twilght are very good...and if hes given half a chance he will continue to be what he is right now...a great actor.If It were possible for me to give him any advice it would be to kick those critics to the curb and keep on doing what he does best....acting!!!At the end of the day the only person he has to prove anything to is himself.Screw the darn critics...they do not determine what movies I go see.I know what I like...and what movies I want to see...I really don't much care what they say

Anonymous said...

I loved him since he played Giselher in the Ring of the Nebilungs. And in everything he's done, except Little Ashes.

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

I think this is truely untrue. He is a good actor. I can't wait to watch Remember Me. I've never associates him too much with Edward, his won charactor is different from Edward. I agree with Isabel...he can be "the nexy Johnny Deep". I'm gonna have to find and watch his previous movie. :)

aSoCalGal said...

I loved loved loved him in How to Be. He was fantastic! I think Little Ashes didn't do better because let's be honest most of his female fans didn't want to see him with a male lover. I think he is going to be great in Remember Me. I don't think of himas "Edward" at all. I think of him as gorgeous hot talented Rob.... He is going to be just fine!u

aSoCalGal said...

One more thing, Mark Hammil's career tanked because a) he wasn't a great actor and b) his face was destroyed in an auto accident. There is no comparison to Rob there whatsoever...

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised that the "Mark Hamill" effect hasn't been mentioned before. However, as the author of the article wants to point out facts, here are some to go with his. Mark Hamill had done nothing of any import prior to Star Wars, and this is why he was chosen for the role. Robert has (for his age at least) done quite a bit of quality work both off and on screen. His acting abilities aside for the moment, he also clearly personifies that elusive quality of male beauty/looks/presence (whatever you want to call it) that in our society is very rare and highly sought after. Mark Hamill? Hardly.... In Hamill's day, the very actions that we are involved in here, blogging, using the internet to gather and disseminate information and be part of a community that has like interests simply didn't exist. Personal and Studio publicists controlled the image of the star completely. Fan information was tightly controlled and moved only one direction, and was mostly limited to the printed word and carefully controlled pictures and personal appearances. The Studio made Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker one person. Today, the internet effect has totally changed the equation. We know more about Rob's abilities, true appearance, values, life and lifestyle than even he may be aware of. We are very clearly in control of what we know about Rob, and in this jaded age, we can tell fact from fiction.
As for the critics? Hollywood is populated by actors who are marginal by any measure. To have been chosen to play even a minor speaking role in ANY Harry Potter film, let alone the romantic lead in what is and will be one of the seminal movie franchises of this or any time speaks volumes about Rob Pattinson. Even if he were never to be cast again in a lead role in a major film, just to have played Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen is more than all but a tiny handful of actors will do in their entire lives. $65 million by the end of Breaking Dawn? No wonder the critics just don't get it: Rob Pattinson IS that franchise. Given the somewhat sexist manner in which Hollywood deals with female actors, it is much more likely that Kristin Stewart will be the footnote rather than Rob. And, as Mark Hamill once famously said: " In the bright light of morning, I'm one of the luckiest men on the Earth. How many people can say 'I'm Luke Skywalker.'? I truly will live forever, as these three movies are part of the foundation that entertainment as we know it is built on." So, even if Rob is (and he will be to some extent) always remembered as being Edward Cullen, big deal. The critics should be so lucky.
There's also one other basic fact many many ignore when they compare Mark Hamill to Rob Pattinson. It's one thing to play the character that thousands of teenage boys want to be, and quite another to be the person that millions of people want to have in their lives..... That, along with a little drive, ability and carefully chosen roles will keep Rob employed for some time to come. And, remember the director of New Moon said "(Rob) photographs like nothing I've ever seen".