Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ticket Sales for Twilight Saga: New Moon Selling Fast

The next move in the Twilight Saga: New Moon has been set to release some three months from now on November 20, 2009. Yet fans are already finding tickets for the opening night at local theaters around the country becoming scarce.

According to theaters across the country, fans are starting to get ready for this world wide movie release and purchasing tickets to secure their viewing

Another firm indication that the Twilight Movie New Moon could sell out for the premier day is the Twitter chatter among Twilight fans who are currently online. Fans are proclaiming their place in the theater and letting others know that they will be attending on the premier night. Additionally, the fans are starting to share how many tickets are left at local area theaters.



Roxx said...

I think we need to question the SOURCE for the story about the pre-sale New Moon tickets. That source is someone that lives here in Southern California where I do and I don't know where they are getting their (questionable) info but anyone with half a brain knows you can go to or Fandango and search a title, put in a zip code and search for MILES around it. I did that for ALL of Southern California and in New York. If Los Angeles and NYC don't have them available yet, no one else does.

Anonymous said...

I live in AZ and did the same thing. So far tickets are not available for sale as far as I can tell.

Unknown said...

Yes you CAAAAAN get tickets to New Moon....i just printed mine...regal cinemas are offering the tickets at all of their sure all of the major theater groups are selling them.

Roxx said...

I searched Regal/Edwards in all of Southern California and there are a few that have gone on sale here. The problem is that chain represents maybe 5% of the market out here as they are primarily in the Midwest. This could be why they are on sale. So if you do live in So Cal, which is the size of most STATES, there is nothing for Los Angeles or about a 60 mile radius. But if you are in Valencia, South Gate, Simi Valley or Ontario you can buy them now. If you have your alert set at FANDANGO, which is who Regal uses for on-line sales along with the bigger chains such as AMC, than you will be notified when tickets near you go on sale. It looks like the smaller markets are getting the early sales before we do probably because there is such a limited number of seats. :)