Saturday, August 15, 2009

Robert is NOT engaged

A weekend without a crazy rumor? Not this one

Craziest Twilight/Robert Pattinson Rumor of the Week – Maybe Decade

Gossip Cop has an article on the latest ridiculous rumor making the way onto the internet, that's Rob's engaged to some mystery girl.

Here's the original article from AllieIsWired:

We’ve just heard from a very reliable source that we are the first news source to report Robert Pattinson’s engagement, and it’s true!

Our source laughed at the mention of Rob dating Kristen Stewart or Emilie De Ravin and said that it’s completely untrue. Our snitch works with someone very close to Rob, so we know what you’re about to read is exclusive to Allie Is Wired.

We’re told that anyone working with Rob on location has to sign confidentiality agreements with regard to his personal life. Rob is in fact, engaged, and has had the same girlfriend for the past four years. He recently proposed to his girlfriend on her birthday.

They’ve had an on and off relationship that became more “on” and serious over the past year. He’s been afraid for her safety, which is why every single person who works with him has to sign these detailed confidentiality agreements agreeing to never talk about his personal life, and his handlers and him have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they’re never seen together, and every time they are together it is set up in such great detail that you’d think it was the secret service and he was the President.

So…is it Nina Schubert? How about Anne Schoenberger? You know, he does love himself some models.

Sorry, Twi-hards, but this vampire is taken. Time to set your sights on Taylor Lautner.

From Gossip Cop:

Gossip Cop couldn’t pass up on pointing out how ridiculous this “Robert Pattinson Is Engaged!” story is.

While the blog Allie is Wired reports as fact that Robert Pattinson is engaged, and goes to lengths to say he hasn’t proposed to Kristen Stewart or “any of his co-stars,” the item is missing one teensy weensy detail — to whom?!

Hmm. Maybe Cinderella? The Little Mermaid? They’re both as real as this story.


starfire09 said...

This is phony.

Rob has said in interviews that he's only had two serious relationships and that his last relationship ended back in what 2007? The girl who is an interior designer and lives in his home country of England.
He said that they were still friends but not dating or in a relationship.

So this latest, makes no sense whatsoever. That he has had the same girlfriend for the last four years.

Methinks somebody out there wants attention even if it's negative attention.

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

I am sooo with u starfire09.