Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Pictures of Rob, FKA Twigs and Jamie Strachan in NYC - May 20

Fan Picture:

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Margie said...

I saw a tweet about Rob and Twigs in this store. You can see her on Rob's right side.

They also had lunch at a popular NY restaurant today, according to tweets.

He looked so happy and proud in all the pics he took with her crew and fans at the afterparty last night. And the great reviews just keep rolling in, the latest from The Village Voice. She's such an artist, they made a good pair.

Unknown said...

Time to relax a little for both. T has her next concert in Portugal I think June 5th and 6th, so unless they have to stay in NY due to Rob being at the Red Nose Campaign Thursday, or it could already be pre-taped, then they may head back home to LA. JMO

Margie said...

Yeah, I don't think Rob will be at the live Red Nose event for TV. I think he taped his bit and they'll just run that.

I've seen the list of participants, and it includes some who are in Cannes at the moment, and I know they aren't flying back to LA.

A bike shop tweeted that they had sold Rob a bike a couple of days ago, so it looks like they might stay in NY for awhile. He seems to be able to move about the city and do as he pleases there with less scrutiny than he gets in LA.

vana said...

Don't blame them if they now get some ninja time.

Unknown said...

The whole East got cold again, like in the 30's. Love T's artsy outfit.

RobKrisKitchentable said...

Very happy for both Rob and Twigs.

Unknown said...

They look really good together always.

Margie said...

The woman in black walking next to Twigs is her stylist, Karen Clarkson.

She was seen out with Rob the other night, after the MOMA premiere when he went to the dance club to pick Twigs up. Karen had her hair pulled back and she was wearing a black shirt and a tan trenchcoat. She's in the front of one of the pics and Rob's cousin Robin is right behind her.

I saw a pic on twitter where someone had misidentified her as Sage, the singer. But it isn't Sage, it's Karen, Twigs friend and stylist.