Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fans Wish Rob a Happy 29th Birthday

Here's what a few fans have to say about Rob...

From Brigitte
Here is my message: Dear Rob, happy birthday to you. Enjoy your life and please take care of yourself. You can do whatever you want - there's no doubt about it. I will always support you and wish you all the best. In my mind I'm by your side forever. I love you

May 13, 1986 in London, a boy who promised early fall the world, was born. His name is Robert Thomas Pattinson. Early, this beautiful boy with blond hair and light eyes - like a typical and lovely British - accustomed us to his sincere smile, huge talent ande sense of humor to that one who makes us laugh and laugh in our darkest moments. This boy grew up and became not only a brilliant actor but also an accomplished singer and songwriter. (I still waiting for a CD!!)

I apologize for being a bit telling the story of your life, but just thought you could understand a little of what I feel when I see a new movie or when simply mention your name when I am present. Probably you think that I'm one of those crazy fans who fell in love with Edward Cullen, but I'm proud to say that before I met Edward Cullen I knew Robert Pattinson, Spunk Ransom, Claudia or even... Big Tub. Robert Pattinson, you are part of my life since 2005, I venture to confesse to you that I only saw ''Harry Potter and Globet Of Fire'' because of you. You know those times when you feel alone? It seems that nobody cares you? It was just one of those moments that showed up in my life, and dwelt there whenever needed with that charming smile, thy way embarrassed and shy and even more that your humorous facet. Thank you for having made my nights in the hospital after the operation at the Achilles tendon happiest and animated. I will never be able to thank you for that, you're my angel.

To end, I wanted to thank you for making me smile, making me fight every day, even without knowledge. Your smile motivates me! Your hapiness makes me happy!

I wish I had a power to never get the smile of your face, because a prince...a KING should never stop smiling. I know we can not always be happy and smiling, but I want you to know that even if we never see each other or even that you may know who I really am, I'll always be here rooting for you, I'll always be here TO you, FOR you! 

Someone said: ''Rob's fans are incredible''. Don't! If we are incredible this is just due to the fact that we have an even more incredible and perfect to give us reasons of pride and strength to be the person who we are. 

Thank you for being who you are and ever having changed. 

You are our pride. Robsessed FOREVER 

Portugal loves you, 

I Love You 

Thank you for Everything. 


From @Dindapmk

From Julia from Bratislava
I have never met you,but seeing your movies and interviews for Channel 4 news about fame and prison and some interviews with Reese Witherspoon made me realize that you are different from the rest of shallow and superficial Hollywood.Dont let them smash your fragile and humble soul.I said to myself -honest,shy and warmhearted man.Stay like that and keep your sanity..For your upcoming birthday I wish you the two things you would maybe appreciate the most right now -the anonymity and normal life - to be able to have just a beer with friends or picnic in a park without being haunted by paparazzi.You finally deserve some piece and quiet. 

From @baeeeli 
uhmm hi. i hope you'll be able to read this. uhm uh hi Rob, Happy Birthday and please don't ever lose your glow. like that shining shimmering body of yours. and yeah happybirthday. wish you all the best and till now im still hoping that you'll magically appear in my room just like what you did with bella. i know that it'll be creepy but you're an exception because i love you that much. all the love :) 

From Andrea
Dear Robert, I wish you a wonderful new year of live, happiness, health and love for you and your beloved ones. 

I saw you first on german TV in spring 2014 and was impressed by your acting and - to be honest -also by your good looks. That was very strange, because at this time I was interested in nothing, full of physical and emotional pains, exhaustion and fears. I even survived cancer in third stadium (I had only little chance to survive) but I made it (even though some of my organs are impared from aggressive therapies). Right after I learned that I will survive - suddenly my beloved brother Harri had a stroke and died after 6 month of terrible pain in vigil coma. I gave up! 

But then you engaged my attention. First it was the similaritie behavior between you & my brother that touched me so hard (an optimistic, laughing, book-loving, drinking, creative, smoking, swearing funny, joke-cracking, very friendly musician guy with also a deep and sometime seemingly painful soul). You reminded me so badly of him in his twenties and of all the fun we had together. 

Then I began watching your movies (and read some novels they based on, like Bel Ami), looked old interviews with you at youtube and learned about the crazyness you have to deal with every day in your life (OMG). I starded following your up-comming projects and now it's you & your work that I respect and admire. 

Thank you for bringing me back to life. I am deeply and truly grateful. I wish I could do something good to you. So my best wishes are with. Love Andrea

From Andrea
"Rob, I love you. I hope you're a wonderful person with an extraordinary heart. I think you must not let that someone change your personality and all that genuine things you have, because that's the reason we all love you. I know you aren't the perfect man, but cool enough to stand out from the rest. And very gorgeous. Wish you all the cool stuff in life and a lot of success. You deserve it" - Andrea. @RKsmukncrisp

From Sarah

I've never met Robert Pattinson, but I'd like to say: Happy birthday Rob! Thanks for being such a great actor. I've loved growing up with your movies, first Harry Potter, and then Twilight, franchises that have been (and still are) really important to me, and you really did those characters justice. Beyond that, I'm loving your more recent work- you were excellent in Maps to the Stars and The Rover to name a couple. I loved both movies, and I likely wouldn't have seen them had you not been in them, so thanks for that also! Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

From Dayane
There are no words in the word who express these ten years of unconditional love, so I'm only wishing a great year, one more year of life and success. All I want is that your career be more increasingly recognized, that you continue to be this wonderful person and that come more profects for you, because you deserve this and much more, and count with my humble support for whatever and come. Love, Anne

From Izel
Dear Rob I want to wish u a very very happy birthday!!! I wish u and your family the strongest health , happiness, success in your great career, and unsizible sea of deep and true love! Always draw a map of the dreams, like a map of the stars in the sky which light will illuminate your way around all constellations and the moon that will endow u with unforgettable experience! Follow them and let them lead you to surprising things that will make u happy! Enjoy every moment and let it be extremely joyful, warm, bright, full of love, sincerity, and miracles, let every day bring u wonderful adventures that will give u cognitive experience! Spend much beautiful time with your amazing family and friends and be always yourself cause u are special man with the deep and great inner world like unfathomable ocean and the huge huge heart and soul like the might sun! U always bring so much warmth and kindness to people around u, and u are ready in any case to help people who need it very much.
I respect u very much as a very talented actor and just a wonderful person! Have an incredible day and lots of fun! 

"I was given this life because I am strong enough to live it" 

Rob might would never know how much & strong these words to me. How with these words I finally able to came back and stand on my own feets again. 

In this beautiful moment, I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything he've given to me. Without Rob I would never know all those people who are now I call them my friends. Without Rob & his incredible talents, maybe I was just a boring & antisocial girl. Without Rob this world might be feel a little bit empty. 

Happy Birthday, Rob. Best wishes. God bless!! 



From Angela
This is for Rob: 

You're the one 
 who gives me so much 
joy and courage
to do the things I do now 
I love to see 
the things you do 
and the way you do them 
with grace and charme and dignity 
and I love everything about you 
you're my beating heart 
do never stop just being you 

Happy Birthday, dear Rob !

Hi Rob (i take the confidence to call you like that lol). Today is your 29th birthday and is amazing how fast you grew up, i still remember the first time i saw you on a movie. That movie was twilight and seriously i'll be gratefull everyday of my life for be you who play as edward cullen, my favourite character ever. Since the day i saw that movie i've been support you and it was four or five years ago. Thank you so much for every smile, every tear and for everything. I hope continue to enjoy your movies or whatever you do for much years more, i love you. {@calumstory}

From Ellie
Dear Rob, 

I just want to say that I think you are amazing, and I hope we meet someday. 
I will love and support you forever, no matter what. 
I hope you have a hella good birthday (Don’t worry, 29 isn’t that old…) 
And keep being yourself – there’s no one better. 
Love always, 
Ellie x 
PS. Your Dior campaign damn near killed us all. I hope you’re happy.

From Min ji
Rob! I am fan from Korea! 
Happy 29th Birthday♥ 
I am your biggest fan and I always adore you every time. 
I love every behavior and pose you do and I appreciate your professional acting♥ 
Happy Birthday and Visit Korea~~~~ I
love you.....♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

From.Korean fan Min ji 
삼성 모바일에서 전송하였습니다

From Wendy

Happy Birthday Robert 
Love wjs59 x

From Angelika
Hello Robert! My name's Angelika and I'm 19 years old. I live in Poland. I have been a huge fan of yours even since you played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. Your all role has inspired me. They makes me laugh and cry - for example "Remember Me", "The Rover" - but "Water for Elephants" is my favourite movie! I heard as you spoke polish and I think that it was great - especially, when you said "podnieś nogę" - it means "lift your leg up" to the Rosie ;) I can't wait to see your new roles. About three years ago, I was in London. Unfortunately I didn't meet you, but I took a photo with your waxwork at Madame Tussauds. This is the most precious thing ever. I hope you'll visit Poland soon. Your amazing actor and musician. You are the best! 
from: angie337

Happy 29th Birthday Rob!!! 🎊🎉🎈🍰🎁🎂!!! Hope you have the best day ever!! Words can't describe how much i love you! My twitter account 'RobertPattinsonArmy' is dedicated to you. I can't wait for the day i meet you. Its going to happen one day... Hopefully soon. 
I Love You 
lots of love from
@Pattinsons_Army 😘❤️

We wanted to thank all the fans who celebrated Rob's birthday with us ♥


jaime said...

Happy 29th Birthday!! Hope its wonderful!!

Unknown said...

happy birthday Robert

No one special said...

Hope Rob has the best time on his Birthday!

ella said...

Happy Birthday dear Rob,i wish you joy,love and happiness!

vana said...

Dearest Rob, I wish you nothing but joy, love, happiness, success, good health and everything you wish to come true for you.
So very proud to be a fan an supporter of Rob and I thank you for all you give.

vana said...

Happy Birthday dear Rob.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Rob and Thank you for everything. We love you

sienna said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Love u

sienna said...

Have a Blast Rob!!

respectively me said...

Happy Birthday Rob, wishing you many more in the years to come.

Unknown said...

My, My, My. Where did the time go? Robert, I can't believe the big 2-9 is here. This is awesome. In a way it sucks to know that the 20's are leaving you, but at the sametime its a blessing. I should know. LoL. Anyway, god bless you, your career, your health and relationship for many years to come Robbie. You are truely loved AND appreciated more then you know by this fan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And GOD BLESS HONEY! :) <3

LauraD said...

Happy Birthday 29 Robert!!