Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Pictures of Rob at FKA twigs' Congregata Concert in NYC - May 17th


Um vídeo publicado por Michele O'Rahilly (@cheekym72) em

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Unknown said...

Rob waiting on T to perform.

No one special said...

Rob supporting his gf and having a good time. :)

Unknown said...

The NY Times has a great review about her show and you tube showing a FKA Twigs Thank Yous Brooklyn and you can see Rob's head on the left. Love how he supports her and excited to see in Thursday with the Red Nose Campaign.

Margie said...

Dazed gave her a great review, too. There were over 2,000 people at the concert, and the majority of them were there to see Twigs. So maybe 10 people took pics or videos of Rob-- the other 1,990 were focused on the performer on stage. Twitter and IG are full of many beautiful pics of Twigs and Vines of her performing. The show was fantastic.

This was her first of 3 shows. I'm sure Rob will go to the other ones. Based on his history of traveling the world with her and being at so many of her shows, he loves to see her on stage.

It's nice to see his friends, Jamie Strachan and his girlfriend, Dakota Fanning at another on of her shows. They also went to see her the last time she played in NY. Rob has such loyal and supportive friends!