Monday, January 12, 2015

Guy Pearce Thinks Rob Will Become The "Biggest Movie Star In The World" And More People Talking About Rob

Guy Pearce talks about Rob - thinks he'll become the "biggest movie star in the world" :) (Source)

Guy Pearce expects Robert Pattinson to become the "biggest movie star in the world".

The 47-year-old actor appears alongside the 'Twilight' star in thriller film 'The Rover' and he believes the hunk's great looks and superb acting ability can enable him to become the best in the industry if he puts his mind to it.

He said: "I'd met Robert briefly one Comic Con a couple of years ago and told him he was great - I'd only seen one of his films, 'Water For Elephants'.

"He's as interested in delving into character as much, if not more, than I am.

"I thought, 'This guy's totally my cup of tea.' Then I put two and two together and went, 'Hang on, he looks like that, he's that famous and he's this good .... Seriously, if he doesn't become the biggest movie star in the world there's something wrong.'

"Amazing as an actor and amazing looking - what a combination."

Rob's 'The Rover' co-star Susan Prior talks about working with him (sweet words), the movie and going to Cannes. Click on the picture to listen (Via)

Journalist Lorraine Kelly talks about interviewing Rob (Source)

Lorraine Kelly admits she was quite taken with Robert Pattinson when she interviewed him.

The bubbly TV presenter thought Twilight star Rob, 28, was easy-going and lovely to chat to but felt he was uncomfortable with his new-found fame.

‘He was adorable, but far too young for me to flirt with!’ says Lorraine, 55.

‘I interviewed him during the whole Twilight madness and he seemed very overwhelmed by it all.

‘I think he’s far happier now that’s over and he can concentrate on quirkier roles. I don’t think he seemed comfortable with the whole sex symbol status.’


Unknown said...

I absolutely agree with Guy.

No one special said...

The video won't work for me :(. But, great words from Guy and Lorraine.

twmmy said...

"Seriously, if he doesn't become the biggest movie star in the world there's something wrong.' - It depends on HIM too. If he doesn't want to, then he won't. He has all the opportunity in him. But the opportunity is just opportunity.

goofy and gus said...

I love this bit of interview. I hope Rob gets the chance with some stellar roles to prove it. I've enjoyed what he has put out so far.

Unknown said...

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zsuzsip said...

Rover was a stellar performance for Rob,really hoping for an award for him also in MTTS!

brey said...

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