Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eddie Redmayne Talks About Rob in New Interview

Are you really friends though? You’re supposedly also friends with Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan, Tom Hiddleston… How do you meet these hot young actors? 

What do you mean? Where do you meet people? Do you want to go online – lookingforanactor.com?

I’m not looking for dating advice. Is that something actors do, say nice things about people they may have worked with once or twice? 

When you’ve been in the acting world long enough you work with people again and again. Jamie, Rob, Andrew Garfield and I have been working for about 12 years, starting in theatre in London. I was at school and university with Tom Hiddleston. When we go to Los Angeles we would stay on friends’ floors and as a group of Brits we would stick together and help each other with auditions. People become family. So they are actually friends, I promise we’re not just pumping hot air up each others'…

Are they on your Christmas card list?

I was just talking to Hannah, my girlfriend [yes, he used the word girlfriend four days before marrying her], about Christmas cards. I feel like the second you start a Christmas card list then you can never stop and you’re perpetually causing offence to people – if you forget to send one and you did the year before. Although as a kid I used to love making Christmas cards, with a bit of Pritt Stick and glitter. It was probably my favourite time of the year.



Unknown said...

I was greatly impressed with Eddie in Les Mis' & knew this bunch of Brits were friends. It's interesting to following them and their hookups. Nice, talented bunch of guys.

Unknown said...

Awww, I love Eddie. I can't wait to see "The Theory of Everything".

vana said...

Love their mateship. Really nice.

Unknown said...

So... They are, yes or no?... XD
Yes, one list, and so... but are them?... :P