Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Full Programme of the 65th Berlinale - Dates for the Life and Queen of the Desert Premieres

The full programme of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival has been announced and now we know the dates for the Queen of the Desert world premiere and Life world premiere.

There will also be a photocall and press conference for each movie. Berlinale has official livestreams for all events of the festival. Livestream videos will be posted here during the festival.

Queen of the Desert - World Premiere - February 6th

In Competition

Photo-Call: 2:10PM CET/ 1:10PM GMT/ 09:10AM ET/ 06:10AM PT.
Press Conference: 2:20PM CET/ 1:20PM GMT/ 09:20AM ET/ 06:10AM PT
Red Carpet: 6:15PM CET/ 5:15PM GMT/ 1:15PM ET/ 10:15AM PT.
Screening starts: 6:45PM CET/ 5:45PM GMT/ 1:45PM ET/ 10:45AM PT.

Life - World Premiere - February 9th

Special Gala Screening

Photo-Call: 7:45PM CET/ 6:45PM GMT/ 1:45PM ET/ 10:45AM PT.
Press Conference: 7:55PM CET/ 6:55PM GMT/ 1:55PM ET/ 10:55AM PT
Red Carpet: 9PM CET/ 8PM GMT/ 3PM ET/ 12PM
Screening starts: 9:30PM CET/ 8:30GMT/ 3:30PM ET/ 12:30PM PT.
Attending: Robert Pattinson, Dane Dehaan, Anton Corbijn, Alessandra Mastronardi and Luke Davies.

You can check the full 65th Berlinale Programme here and here.

Queen of the Desert page on Berlinale website

Life's page on Berlinale's website

As for now, Rob has only been listed/confirmed to attend the Life premiere, press conference and photocall. His name is not listed to attend the Queen of the Desert related events, but that can change any time. We'll keep you updated

Thanks to @Gossipgyal for all the detailed info :)


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Looking forward to the videos.

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OMG OMG can't wait. Thank you

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Thanks for keeping us updated.

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So happy to be getting some work related news! I'm so excited for this!!!

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Looking forward to promo Rob!Great news,thanks RPL for bringing it!;-))

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Just for future reference. As there are many Australians following this site, can you also add Aussie times to schedules as well please?

Unknown said...

Reading reviews that are coming in regarding QOTD and it seems Rob and Damien are the only ones that are having anything positive. Rob is such a good actor.