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Rob in Wienerin Magazine (Austria) - New Interview

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"Finally All Grown Up"

“For years I had the Twilight movies. Now, if you take a break for two years, there are 50 other actors there to replace you.”

“Luxury means to not have to worry.”

“Traditional masculinity doesn’t work any more.”

Not an easy catch.

Robert Pattinson about masculinity, luxury, and his personal style.

How do you feel as the new face of the Dior fragrance?
When Dior made me the offer I was shocked. Dior – the name alone is a myth… They asked after Twilight was over so the timing was right. They really piqued my interest.

So you were an easy catch?
Easy? No! (laughs) In the past doing a commercial would not have appealed to me because I couldn’t imagine that a real actor would do something like that. But meanwhile I have made a few movies and have grown as an actor. When we sat together with the director of the Dior spot to do some brainstorming I was fascinated by the artistic claim. I suddenly thought “What we do here is like a filmlet!” From this moment on I was really enthusiastic. So when you look at it that way the Dior campaign was a challenge for me. One that added to my past work in an exciting way.

The Dior man stands for luxury and natural elegance. What do these attributes mean to you personally?
The first thing that comes to my mind is an implied effortlessness. I think true luxury means to not have to worry about anything. When I shot the Dior film I actually really felt like that.

As the face of Dior Homme you’re supposed to speak to men your age. How would you describe your generation?
I’m 27 and I’ve just realized that no one is treating me like a child anymore. It feels weird to suddenly feel like an adult who is perceived by those around him differently than before. It’s hard to pinpoint what my generation is like. For most people my age the past ten years have been – just like for me – a transition period and many still try to find questions to the most basic mysteries of life. At least I do (grins).

What does masculinity mean to you?
Traditional masculinity doesn’t work anymore in today’s modern world. It’s a weird time for guys. Well, it’s probably also a weird time for girls (laughs). Masculinity, to me that always means being reliable and relatively pragmatic. But it also stands for so many ambiguous things. As an actor you often have to express certain ambiguities in a character. You’re both reliable and wild or loving and carefree at the same time. I don’t know if that is something I’d associate with masculinity. I just know that the code has changed massively over the past few years.

Traditional masculinity is often associated with the image of the “Lonely Cowboy”. Is freedom something important to you?
Absolutely. Once you’ve become a part of the public eye, you’re professional life is often confined. You’re stereotyped and caught in a certain character who people associate you with. Sometimes I like to make a joke out of manipulating the way people perceive me. I want artistic freedom even if it’s just to challenge myself over and over again. One of my latest roles, in “The Rover”, was very liberating by the way. We shot the movie in Australia, in the middle of nowhere. The character I play doesn’t have any teeth and was covered in mud and dirt from head to toe. But I didn’t care. I was running around half naked and was able to do things you usually can’t do when you’re constantly watched.

Usually the characters you play are pretty stylish. How would you describe your own style?
I have a couple of good basics that I wear day after day. When it comes to clothes, the most important thing for me is how they’re cut. As long as a piece of clothes fits well I don’t care about the rest. Then I wear it until it literally falls off of me.

Do you have any role models when it comes to fashion?
Jack Nicholson. I’ve always liked people for whom clothes are a mere necessity. It’s probably a man thing. I like things that are durable with regards to trends, things that are of top quality, [things] that last long. I always thought that it was cooler to only have one outfit – but one that you can wear to anything and anywhere.

What Robert Pattinson Really Loves

What’s your…

…place to go to when you want to relax?
Rural England.

…favorite book?
Everything by Martin Amis.

…favorite singer?
Probably Van Morrison.

…you’re preferred time of day?
Depends on what I did the day before.

…favorite moment from the past?
I don’t really have one… But probably one that has to do with music.

…favorite animal?
My two dogs.

…favorite word?



butzi1 said...

The Q&A is okay, but the journalist's article is neither true or good. Looks more she has got the info from trash tabloids :-(
Don't bother to translate!

Unknown said...

What a nasty comment above. I do not understand why everyone is trashing these interviews. So, they do not say what you want them to say it does not mean they got their info from tabs.
Hoping for the rest of the translation.

Anonymous said...

why did you only (...) under the question? but there is the purely:

How do you feel as the new face of the Dior fragrance?

As Dior made ​​me the offer, initially I was shocked. Dior - the name alone is a myth ... The request came at the end of the Twilight saga. The timing was just right. My interest was piqued.


Unknown said...

People trash this interviews because the journalist made up things like for example, how he is dating Riley and how they were seen so many times by the paparazzis...WTF? that is not true, and that is what people is talking about...the BS behind the questions.

debbie nerissa threet said...

There were a few that didn't display good journalism. What you do is just focus on what Robert is saying.

Unknown said...

Well this interview did not infer anything so there was no need for the nasty comment. There has only been on interview that commented on Riley..all the others have been very good interviews. I am sure the majority of the interviewers were given a primer before the interview and were prepared. I think overall the interviews have very insightful and good.

butzi1 said...

@Charlotte: The interview (Q&A) was okay, as always. Not my favorite, but okay. Almost all of page 1&2 of this article has not been translated. In one part the journalist wrote the same BS about new love/relationship you find in tabloids. And that disqualified this as good article and really p...d me off.