Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Main #DiorRob Picture Now in UHQ

The main #DiorRob picture in UHQ. It's HUGE!

Untagged and tagged versions :) Click for UHQ




twmmy said...

His eyes.... are brown here?

Pyquerette said...

Huh, they *do* look brown there, don't they?

I think Rob is a truly beautiful man, but in my humble opinion this isn't a beautiful picture of him. He looks a little DURRRR here.

Now, I happen to *love* that Rob makes silly faces in his candid shots/fan shots/red carpet shots but I am surprised Dior chose this picture as the main pic.

twmmy said...

Yeah, I would choose other main photo for this campaign.

Iluvthemovies said...

I agree with you Pyquerette and twmmy, I have mentioned it in previous posts. This is not my favorite pic of the campaign. His side shot of his head is much better in my opinion. So glad that the video ad does not contain this pic. He is gorgeous in the video.