Saturday, September 14, 2013

New/Old Pictures of Rob - Photoshoot Outtakes, Movie Stills, Promo Pictures

Some new/old pictures of Rob (a few are old but in better quality) - photoshoot outtakes, movie stills and promo pictures

New Outtake of one of Rob's 2008 EW photoshoots

New promo pictures and stills from How To Be
(the first one is just adorable :D)

Old promo pictures from The Summer House now in HQ (one of them looks slightly different than the ones posted before)

New/Old still from The Haunted Airman
source | source | Thanks so much to Laura for the links


Anonymous said...

so young and sweet. Thank you for the old goodies :-)

twilightnan said...

Aww...I totally agree @ameliejolie..."so young and sweet"...looking at those pics,..who would have thought Rob was going to be a Massive Mega Star he is now! must be fate,and his talents,determination,and it helps that he is 'drop dead gorgeous young man ' lol!!Thank you RPL! and Hi to all the rplifers ...Iluvthemovies,Haxy,Lisa,Twilola,nimet,mayfair,no one special,vana...I'm still here ladies up on the top deck with my 'mango shakes'...Lisa...where are you lady?

twilightnan said...

aww..Rob's 2008 pic has got the same pose/expression on Dior Rob 2013 ...I've got all these films in my current Robert Pattinson's collections:)...have a lovely weekend everyone:-D