Thursday, June 6, 2013

New/Old Fan Pictures Of Rob From Various Events

A compilation of fan pictures from various events. I've lost track of some of the photos, so I apologize if they were already posted here.

WFE London Premiere

WFE Barcelona Press Conference

BD2 Berlin Premiere

BD2 LA Premiere

BD2 Madrid Premiere

BD2 London Premiere

1/via | 2 | 3/via/via | 4 | 5/via | 6 - Vivien Hemenway-McClelland/via | 7 | 8/via/via


tori said...

I love and miss his face so much! raaaahb

twilightnan said...

Hi to everyone on RPLife...Iluvthemovies,Lisa,Haxy,nimet,Mayfair...& Twilola...miss you guys....and most of all...miss ROB!!!to see that handsome face again with that beautiful smile seems to have jumped start my heart and I'm up and running again lol:)..looking forward to see his Dior Ads..and start working on MTTS...thanks RPL for these wonderful pics<333...goodnight all...Lisa...keeping the faith;)...nimet..hope your hubby is well.

Eliz said...

Love all the pics, but my fav is Rob in his green hound's-tooth Gucci suit, it was even more incredible seeing him in it, up close and in person.

alida_v said...

aww lovely pics! :)

No one special said...

Love that man.

LisaCT said... THE FAITH!!! I miss you lots! Wish I could email you...I miss Rob too. I am seeing from twitter that he may have been at The Roosevelt the other night. I just would love to see his beautiful smiling face again. But at least we may have Dior soon (hopefully). Excited about MTTS. Stay well and hopefully will chat with you soon. Love ya ;-)

nimet said...

Hello,hello twilightnan,haxy,LisaCT,Ilovethemovies and all.

twilightnan and LisaCT thanks for your good wishes for my hubby. It is going to be a while yet but I think I hope he'll be okay.

LisaCT today it was 105. I am in Sacramento,it's been like a furnace. They say higher tomorrow.Ouch (:

I love those pictures of Rob. Had seen most of those before. Where is he? Why has he been hiding for so long? I miss him. Miss seeing his lovely smile and that gorgeous handsome face. It is not fair to miss him so much in my fragile condition in this heat. Haven't seen him since we saw him in that Toyota.

DOLCE said...

i also hear he's hanging out had teddys bar

nimet said...

I am sorry LisaCT actually ilovethemovies had asked me where I was located. You're probably wondering why I was. telling you where I live

LisaCT said...
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LisaCT said...

@nimet...that's OK. Always nice to know where the lovely ladies here are from. 105...that's pretty hot. We hit low 90's in CT just 2 days last week. Then temp dropped again. We had torrential rain all day yesterday but sun shining this morning.

I miss Rob too. Yes last time we saw him was driving the Toyota. Seems so long ago. Pretty sure he's not just sitting home so its kind of surprising not one pic of him at all. Guess he's just able to get in and out and about un-papped. Good for him but not so good for us! He will start filming soon. Don't think we'll se the Dior ads too soon. Saw somewhere yesterday not coming out until September but don't know how accurate that source is. I'm sure we'll see him soon.

Stay well and everyone have a great weekend!

nimet said...

Just a quick note LisaCT,ilovethemovies,twilightnan,
Haxy, Mayfair and all. I saw some really wonderful videos of Rob on the "youtube". I think you have to subscribe to get it. Some are vintage 2010. Can't get over how very handsome he is. Like you said LisaCT, there is obsolutely nothing new anywhere. I never thought I would miss the paps.

Just to let you know we are at 111°F today. Have a great weekend. Maybe Monday will bring us Rob

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