Thursday, April 11, 2013

Werner Herzog Talks About Rob

Werner Herzog, Queen of the Desert director, talked about Rob in a recent interview

Google translate and @ourlilinfinityy

How do you assess the creative power of the teen star Robert Pattinson, with whom you will work soon?
He's a really intelligent person. Writes well. Knows exactly what he's doing. He also knows that he has to escape the short-lived teen star phase.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you :-)

Iluvthemovies said...

To work with Werner is adding to Rob's eclectic movie roles, is just absofreakinglutely fantastic. I like that Werner mention's Rob's writing. I hope one day soon we will see his writing on the big or little screen.

Eliz said...

Lucky for Rob his core fanbase isn't just teenagers, so he's already good to go. If people wanting to work with him, would just look a little deeper, they would see his fans are older than the teen demographic.