Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dylan Kussman, Misson: Blacklist's Screenwriter, Talks About Rob And The Movie

Missionblacklistfrance got the chance to interview the screenwriter for Misson: Blacklist's - Dylan Kussman, and were sweet to share it with us. Here are the parts in which he mentions Rob and the movie.

Tell us about your work for Mission: Blacklist and how you ended up being a part of this project?

"I became involved with Mission: Blacklist when head writer and Executive Producer Erik Jendresen contacted me about contributing to the project. At the time, he and his co-writer Trace Sheehan were deeply immersed in adapting Staff Sergeant Maddox's book, Mission: Black List #1, and were looking for an additional voice to help flesh out the main character and structure his remarkable story as a movie. It was an honor to be asked to collaborate with two such accomplished and well-respected writers, on a story with such an incredible pedigree, and I accepted without a moment's hesitation."

Was it complicated for you to work on this book and, particularly, on this subject?

"The most challenging part about working on the project for me personally was absorbing the vast amount of research Erik and Trace had compiled before I came onboard. On top of the book itself, there were hundreds of pages of interviews they'd conducted with the Staff Sergeant, firsthand accounts of the Iraq War and of the American presence in Baghdad and Tikrit after Saddam's fall -- I had to get up to speed in a hurry. Once I'd gotten on top of the material, however, I was fortunately able to see a strong and clear contribution I could make towards rendering this soldier's mind-bending ordeal into a piece of dramatic cinema. Incredible human beings don't always make compelling onscreen protagonists, but between the work we've done as writers, Jean Stephane Sauvaire's guiding hand as director, and Robert Pattinson's committment to playing this inspiring figure with the fearless honesty for which he's known, I don't think that will be the case here."

Did you work directly with Eric Maddox to sort out what to take or not take from the book?

"Both Erik Jendresen and Trace Sheehan worked more directly with Eric Maddox than I did, and Mr. Pattinson has spent an extended amount of time with him at this point. They will be able to speak to your question better than me."

 In the story, the blue shirt is very important and during a lecture in Oklahoma University, Eric Maddox said that Robert Pattinson will probably wear it, did you include it in your work?

"Eric Maddox wore the same blue oxford shirt throughout his intelligence effort to help locate Saddam Hussein, and we included that costume choice as part of Maddox's character in the screenplay. Whether Robert will be wearing the actual shirt during the shoot is a question for the director, actor, and Staff Sergeant Maddox to answer."

Did you have a word in the castings? And in the choice for the place where it will be filmed?

"No, and no"

What do you think of Robert Pattinson's choice as the lead man?

"Robert Pattinson is a phenomenal choice. We were all thrilled when he came onboard. More importantly, after spending lengthy one-on-one time with Staff Sergeant Maddox, and getting Maddox's personal blessing to portray him in the movie ... he is the only choice."

What can you tell us (that nobody knows yet) about the movie or the project?

"All I can say is, you've never seen a story like this one, or experienced an intelligence, military or otherwise, like you will Staff Sergeant Maddox's in this film. His is truly a remarkable mind; I remain as much in awe of it now as I was after I first read the book, and I remain very proud to have been a small part of the process of bringing the man and his story to the screen"

Thanks to Missionblacklistfrance  :')


twilightnan said...

"Robert Pattinson is a phenomenal choice..the only choice" to play Maddox!!..I loved that...can't wait to see this on the big screen next year!!!

Me said...

WOW - no comment here on this great article? But endless ones on the R/K fan pic. That shows what people are interested in. Not in their career. Shame.

No one special said...

@twilightnan I too loved that comment 'phenomenal choice'.

No one special said...

@me im sure at the very least @iluvthemovies will be along soon with her intelligent insight ;)

DebbieforRob said...

@Me thank you very much for noticing, and leaving a comment here. That was worrying me. And to everyone else for commenting. This is a wonderful interview.

twmmy said...

I just waited for another comments... I was not happy with this film, and never be. For me the these themes not really suite. War in any form, if only in words.
My son said, what he said and I wrote it here in the past, when first occured teh role ((what about a researching, they knew very well, where SH was, just needed the reason to go into the country... it's a propaganda....)) Anyway, I f I never would see it, I would buy the dvd - for Rob. And always good to read the compliments ones say about him.

Iluvthemovies said...

Hi Annie, I am looking forward to seeing Rob wearing that blue shirt. I want to see the intensity when he conducts those interviews with his Oklahomian accent. Thank you for saying I am intellegent @no one special, I am blushing and I am no more intelligent than any of you. I love reading your diverse and unifying comments about Rob. Rob is very fortunate to have a fanbase who will view all his movies and try to keep him relevant when there are no films out in theaters currently. He is certainly a force of nature to watch and his movies are as eclectic as he is in person. Here is to the future of Rob's film career and our happy spot here at RPL and the posts and pics they provide us with on a daily basis.

twilightnan said...

Hi Lin,..now, stop blushing lady, you deserved that compliment!..@no one special,I thoroughly endorsed your comment about Iluvthemovies...she is one awesome lady that I was very fortunate to meet her in person in LA and we shared the ultimate fan experience of a life time- to be at the World Premiere of a Twilight movie *BD1* to see Rob in person<33 ,Rob is very lucky to have her in his Massive Fanbase!IMO

just me said...

this is a project i am looking forward to the most:)

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

@Me yep...sad...but true and ITA
@No one special I agree with both your comments hehe
@iluvthemovies and @twilightnan r both two of my fav ladies here tho I'm biased...Rob brought us together this month 4 years ago...can u believe it ladies?? Happy Anniversary! ! ;)
Tks Rpl btw
Tks to all who comment abt Rob's career and good looks ha!
Hugs all

Iluvthemovies said...

yaelfica, welcome back...we have missed you on the site. I know how busy you have been. Can u believe it, 4 yrs. Twightnan has been on and is as lovely as ever. Look forward to more of your comments on here. Twilight nan you are truly a wonderful person. We are all awaiting Rob working on this film and the distribution of the Rover. Talk to you soon ladies.

No one special said...

Ooh you have seen him in person ... what was he like??

Offline said...

I love what this guy had to say about Rob and his comment about Rob being committed to playing the character of Eric Maddox with fearless honesty. Rob is so dedicated to getting the best out of every performance he gives and he deserves so much success. I can't wait to see Rob in this role as Eric.

Iluvthemovies said...

@no one special, he is as mesmerizing in person as he is on screen. I saw him up close and personal at the WFE premiere in NYC, and his skin was flawless and I was stunned because of his smoking, I thought up close it would not be as clear as it was before me. I was there with another fan of Rob's that we met through this site and it was a very memorable time, we also saw him at The Today Show, the next day. He is truly a very handsome man.

No one special said...

@iluvthemovies thanks for sharing that

twilightnan said...

Yaelficaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!Welcome back!!!you had been MIA for such a longtime..as you can see our dear friend the lovely Iluvthemovies continue to grace this RPL board with her wonderful comments :)..it's great to have you back Yael,..now all we need is for Twilola and JA to make an appearance and the circle of friendship that started on this blogsite 4 yrs. ago because of our love for ROB will be complete:)..Hugs to all!