Friday, April 26, 2013

Guy Pearce Talks About Welcoming Rob in Australia

At 5:00 - click on the screencap to watch



Iluvthemovies said...

Thanks RPL for the clip. Lol at the manned him up comment. However, I have to admit after his return he certainly looks like he has bulked up a bit. He is a man and more of him is even better.

twilightnan said...

Hi there @Iluvthemovies...I watched the clip but the sound was not very clear...I like Guy Pearce so I'm excited to see him in the the Rover with Rob...maybe he can explain when they promote the film ,what did they do to manned -up Rob :)...ITA with you about Rob...he is definitely bulked up..all these paddle/boarding and other extra physical activities his doing lately ;-) certainly have worked wonders on Rob's physique lately..he is maturing and looking 'Fabulous'....'What a Man'!!!

vana said...

Agree with both of you lovely ladies. Manned up Rob....delicious.