Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday POTD - Twilight Premiere in LA - Over 250 HQs

Since we posted the New Moon Premiere pictures last week and so many people enjoyed them, now for this week's POTD - The Twilight Premiere in Los Angeles.

Over 250 HQ/Untagged pictures. As always, thanks to our lovely Setje for the great compilation :)


Anonymous said...

Time flies, sweet young Rob. Amazing pics. Thank you. I love your wonderful blog.You're always the fastest and you have the best Rob news and pics.

No one special said...

Yes, thank you.

alida_v said...

aww great memories. they looked so cute!

Jane said...

He was blown away with the fans and then it began from there.

verena said...

Thank you again ladies! Thx Setje... and a Star was born!

izanabarreto said...

THANKSSS ladies :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the amazing pics! Does anyone have a zip for them?

just me said...

if there is one thing we have learned here in a fairy world of fandom it is that we don't care what "others" think of Robert. they all have their right to like of dislike him. if others like him we like them, if not - we put them on the "black list";)especially hateful ones. we are immune to any kind of offending or critique let alone to the honest expression on the true feelings. it is much better than "namedropping" some famous and not-so-much celebs have done to have their own 15 minutes.. that's why i welcome and appreciate every(!) post related to our dear boy. bring them on, all of them:)! sorry if it's off torpic.

just me said...

off topic, i meant... (this damn "blogger" thing does all kinds of changing to my posts)

just me said...

...and he is lethal in these pictures

No one special said...

I agree Just me. I personally like rob's movies, music and him of course ;) and as long as people are not hateful with their comments I'm not bothered by their opinions. I don't really like hateful comments towards anyone.

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