Monday, February 4, 2013

New Pictures of Rob on 'The Rover' Set

The teen heart-throb was on the roadside set for just an hour for a fight scene where it appeared he came off second best.

In their efforts to block The Advertiser 's exclusive shots, the film crew and minders closed the road and claimed "ownership" of the town of about six buildings, east of Port Augusta.

"We own this town," a film producer told The Advertiser.

Minders used umbrellas and trucks to keep intrusive cameras off the star, who appeared to be sporting a close-shaved haircut for the role.

He also looks to have forgone his clean-cut look for the movie and has a three-day growth.

The scene featured Pattinson staggering out of the passenger side of a ute before being beaten to the ground by the driver.

Extras and a potential stand-in for Pattinson were also in Hammond for the filming and had earlier been in nearby Quorn where Pattinson is said to have had a drink at one of its pubs over the weekend.

Earlier yesterday, The Rover crew was filming at an even more remote location, the largely deserted town of Bruce.

The Rover is understood to be shooting at locations deeper in to the Flinders Ranges for the rest of this week and next month as far north as Marree.

The stars of the film and some of the extras are understood to be staying in Port Augusta while the movie's production centre has been set up in the Quorn Town Hall.

On set, the stars are well catered for as temperatures reach the high-30s this week - they have two airconditioned motorhomes.

Pattinson flew into Adelaide on January 18 - minus actress girlfriend Kristen Stewart - and spent more than a week around town, meeting the film's producers at the SA Film Corporation's new Glenside studios

The Twilight star was spotted having dinner on Gouger St with The Rover director David Michod and producer Liz Watts.

Pattinson was also photographed riding a bike around the Rivers Torrens without a helmet - an offence that earned him a warning from the police.


just me said...

i feel like i am spying on them.. not the best feeling... but Rob fix is what i needed to start the day and the week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the first Setpics from The Rover. Rob looks very hot and dirty.
@ the lovely RPLife Team: Is there a chance of HQ pics?

No one special said...

Getting down and dirty rob! He's not just a teen heart throb lol.

No one special said...

Just read rob has won British performer of the year again. Congrats to him.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how he can do it, I would be sick working in that heat. But it's good to see Rob looking well, and getting a little information to go with the pictures.

twilightnan said...

It's so great to see Rob...must be hard working under that Australian intense heat, it's good to see Dean still there watching over him:)...thanks RPL team:)

Eliz said...

Glad to see Rob back at work, I just hope the media aren't being to intrusive taking pic's and disrupting the filming.

Eliz said...
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Iluvthemovies said...

I am certain the climate only adds to the believability of Rob's role. I also share your concerns of too many fans and paparazzi disturbing the production like when he filmed Remember Me, I hope it is minimal the intrusion of both fans and papzs. I wish the cast and crew a very productive production.

noisefaidaus said...

I can't wait to see this film. Once again I think he will be poised to blow the critics away.

vana said...

Great to see Rob at work but I wish they wouldn't print the location. I cringe at the idea that stalkers may interfere with filming then spoiling it for everyone including other cast members.

twmmy said...

As I read on the blog of the newspaper, there are stalkers yet, but there are not pictures. And that's good. I think these pictures were made by the permission of the filmmakers.