Friday, February 8, 2013

Jim Sturgess talks about Rob's music

Scan thanks to @_EmbryoFoka | Translation thanks to @rainbowclimber_

Tu Style Italy: Do you think Robert Pattinson is a good musician?

Jim: It's not my kind of music.

Tu Style Italy: But you didn't answer

Jim: He loves what he does, he seems sincere.


AW said...

Jim's comment is the same category as "he tries hard." The unspoken answer to the question was obviously "No."

Anna said...

We can't all like the same type of music. The guy is entitled to his opinion. Good for him for being honest.

AW said...

He wasn't asked if he likes Rob's type of music but if he thinks Rob's a good musician. He didn't say 'yes,' but was politely evasive.

Elvia said...

i understand his opinion but, who is he? who cares

Unknown said...

Well IMO if you posted this then you must want to know their opinion? You SHOULD care or your going to lose a lot of your followers. I care about every opinion followers have on my site! Even if its different then mine :-) you should be thankful that ppl even comment!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for every Rob News that you post!!!!!!

Eliz said...

Everyone has their owe opinions when it comes to music and what they think is good. He was trying to be tactful and honest at the same time. Its seems to me, the interviewer already had some idea of what he thought, otherwise why even bring up that particular question and press for a direct answer. Apparently they already knew about him possibly working with Kristen and the reporter just wanted to stir something up. Mission accomplished. It really doesn't matter what his opinion is,about Rob musicially, we like it and that's what matters.

Unknown said...

I don't even understand why this article was even posted!

Jane said...

It's all over the internet on other sites that Jim insulted Rob and his music. See what this little article started..also, that Jim and Kristen will hook up for sure on the shoe movie. God, I am so over the scandal and wish everyone would be too. I just want to follow Rob and his movies for I think he will be one of the best actors in Hollywood as he gets older.

Unknown said...

I agree with you on that!

tina tri said...

who cares, he is not important. the soho gang : tom stu, rob, andrew garfield, eddie redmayne are the talented one.

vana said...

Well, the most important thing is that Rob's fans love him and respect him for what he does. Many people and I'm not just talking fans have said that Rob is a talented and proficient musician. Certainly Jim has his own opinion but does it matter? Generally people know talent when they see it.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the interviewer knew he would be in a film with Kristen, given that the news just broke & there was no talk of her being thought of for the part. This interview could have been done weeks ago, it's not a daily news paper. Even if it was a weekly mag, the interview was done before her part was confirmed. At the end of the day, I think that the interviewer was just using Rob's name to get more attention for the article & the magazine. And it worked, anything with Rob or Kristen's name mentioned gets an increase of attention from fans & other media outlets. As for Jim Sturgess's comment, he obviously knows of Rob's music, but to what extent?. It's not as though Rob's out touring or doing gigs, i hear Jim's music is nothing like Rob's, maybe Rob's stuff is just not to his taste.(to each their own) I'm not a twilight fan, I'll watch the films bacause I like Rob & Kristen but prefer their other body of work. I'm looking forward to seeing their new films, & hope that one day Rob gets the chance to release a CD of his music. I don't think there's any call for the bashing that's going on out there towards Jim Sturgess, it does not show the rest of us in a good light.

Unknown said...

I may be bashed for this but i really do not see the purpose of this post on a Rob site after all he did not say anything complimentary about Rob . It does not add anything to Rob's personality nor is an interesting read .

Iluvthemovies said...

I really do not care if the interview was posted or not, they posted it because Rob's name was mentioned. However, I would like to know why was Kelly Osborne who was on E's pre-Golden Globes red carpet special not mentioned when it was revealed that Megan Fox, plus two other female celebrities favorite celebrity was Rob and then Kelly mentioned that Rob sings and has a beautiful voice. I wish that had been shown, I do not think any other site mentioned it as well. Whatever, I do not think Jim was being mean-spirited towards Rob, I think it is always rude that interviewers bring Rob's name up when it has nothing to do with Rob. I appreciate Rob for what he brings to the screen and hope one day he can stand on his own acting merits without someone always bringing up his name to try and sell their site or magazines, when it really has nothing to do with Rob.

susan said...

I think Rob's love of music is mostly for himself. I rembember him saying that he couldn't handle being critiqued for something so personal. While, I personally, love the use of Rob's song from Twilight when Edward had to suck the venom from Bella's bite, I rather doubt that Rob would have offered it's use without the director's insistence.

tina tri said...

Ref rob music in twilight , nikki gave it to catherine and she incorporated it to one of the scene and show it to Rob. When he saw how the song match the scene , he gave his permission. Ref Jim Sturgess, I only seen across the universe , a film that use the beatles song as a the story for the film and its no musical epic. Jim is the star that never launch< lack screen charisma, mediocre actng

Unknown said...

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