Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Picture of Rob With a Fan at the Airport in NYC - November 11th


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girliegirl805 said...

Cute pic. Thanks for posing RPL.

Lily said...
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goofy and gus said...

Lily I don't think that's a fair comment towards Rob.

I want you to look at the fan pic above. Look at Rob in said fan pic and tell me honestly what you see. Describe his facial features.

Whoever comments here, I would also like your opinion of what you see when you look at Rob in this pic.
THIS is what I am getting at.

I am not bashing him in any way, shape or form.
He looks worn out, worn down and there is no twinkle in his eyes.
His smile does not reach his eyes.
It hasn't since the end of August.

Again, I apologize if the admin's here think I am bashing him, I'm not.

I am merely pointing out what is right there in front of us all to see.

And THIS is why I say something is wrong. This isn't Rob....

We can debate the why's of his "look" with the sad eyes...but I'm just saying that something is not right...it's very wrong.

ThisGirl said...

Goofy, I think we all get by now that this is how you feel. I'm not trying to fight with you or insult you in any way. You think there's something off. Okay. I guess I'm not sure why you feel it bears repeating with each post?

Glad the girl had a nice surprise of having him on her flight :)

goofy and gus said...

This girl, I guess it bears repeating the same as those that are consistently saying how great and happy he looks.
That's their opinion right? I have mine as well.

As long as we are not bashing, we are allowed our opinions isn't that the rule?

I have followed it.
If you don't care for my comment, I suppose you can over look it then.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,
if that is what you think of him, you're not welcome here. :)

Lily said...

Sorry just very disappointed in him of late. His choices just think he's looking foolish,again his choices.

RenezzmeeKarlie said...

Thanks for Sharing, Great Picture!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for your honest opinion

Allysa Mentor said...

Rob hates when the papz are taking pictures. I think it disgusts him and he always looks down, no eye contact. He looks fine in fan pics and pics with Twiggs that he probably didn't realize we're being taken. The only scary thing is his hair. He is hiding something under all those hats. He's a doll and the hair will grow back

Allysa Mentor said...

Lily, would you please explain your comment