Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Pictures of Rob and FKA Twigs in LA - November 21st

Leaving FKA Twigs' concert:

Rob and FKA Twigs leaving Chateau Marmont:


goofy and gus said...

That isn't Twigs in those pics I do believe.
Notice the side profile of the woman, the overly straightened hair and the nails.
I believe this is the older woman in the pics at SOHO when they were in NYC a few weeks ago.

Just an observation.

TLammy (April2460) said...

Looks like they loaded more pictures after you made your comment. So yeah, not her with the straight hair but definitely her in the other pictures. Maybe someone on her "crew" a stylist or make up artist, could be just a friend.

justsaying said...

That looks like Brady Corbet and Mona Fastvold in the middle seat.

Sinmotion said...

Brady looks nothing like that guy in the middle seat. it's not him. not even a little bit.

Unknown said...

Hi guys! Thank god Rob cut his hair much better Rob:). I was happy he was able to hang under the radar for a few days at least he is looking better. I know some think he looked fine before as to each there own but for me he needed a few days away from Twiggs to just relax. I wish he would not go to all her concerts it is great he supports her but I just wish he would no go to all I think it takes a toll on him after awhile. Glad he is looking like himself again. Have a great day.

Unknown said...

He is having a ball going to all the concerts. Something I am sure he has always wanted to do when he was into his own music. He looks great and loving the no cap, no beanie look. Ha, a haircut I am sure everyone can live with without passing so much judgment over his hair. He will soon have to start back to work but for now I love the fact he can enjoy being with his lady and having fun.

Unknown said...

In the top photo's the ones with the girl with the straight hair, T is in the doorway behind Rob and another guy

goofy and gus said...

I agree, that is in no way, shape or form Brady Corbet.
It does look like the dude in the video of that drag queen/gay bar from NYC though. Perhaps this dude is part of Twigs crew?

goofy and gus said...

My last comment didn't show up?
I am pondering here why there are two cars?
One is red. One is black. Rob is in both of them.
the very first pic of CM/car pics...he is in what appears to be the back seat of the red car, with a man sitting there with him.
Then no more of those, and the man disappears. We next see Rob standing by the door to the black suv and being in it, in the 3rd row of seats. Different driver.
You can tell the very first CM pic there in cars is red because of the roof and the hood of said vehicle. Rob looks wayyy tired in this pic.


Unknown said...

Eu queria uma notícia sobre os novos trabalhos DELE e nao o seu novo corte de cabelo ou o novo show em que ele acompanhou sua nova namorada.