Thursday, September 4, 2014

Olivier Assayas Talks About Meeting Rob and Financing 'Idol's Eye'

Your next movie will co-star Robert Pattinson. Do you feel similarly about him?
I met him in London at a very early stage before I shot "Sils Maria" while I was still working on the screenplay for my next film, but I knew I wanted him for the leading role. We had a long conversation in London about the project. That's also one of the first times I met Kristen. She was around.

Does working with these younger, well-known U.S. actors make it easier for you to get your films done?
No. You know, a movie like "Sils Maria" functions pretty much the same way as my other movies in terms of how I build it. I have a similar budget. It's a small film. We shot in 32 days, six weeks.


And for the next one? (if financing of Idol's Eye will come from ARTE)
No. It's a different system of financing, American financing. That'll be the first time for me.

How's it going so far?
Honestly, I'm a little nervous about it at this stage. You have to deal with business types — movie business types: lawyers, bankers, accountants, all these kinds of other types you just don't want to spend five minutes with. The thing is, I make movies because I can choose the people who I spend time with. I don't have to deal with the bullshit of everyday job stuff. So I don't want to end up making movies with people I'm not interested in. People I'm bored with who don't share my values and so forth. So I'm just trying to structure things in ways that I have to deal the producer of the film and that's it. I don't want to have conversations with anyone else.
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