Thursday, September 11, 2014

'Maps To The Stars' Promo - Index Post

TIFF Promo


Richard Crouse - Press Junket
City News - Premiere
Global News - Premiere
CHCH - Premiere
Red Carpet Diary - Premiere
Screenslam - Premiere
CBC News - Premiere
eOnline - Premiere
Crucial Pictures - Premiere
eTalk - Premiere
eTalk - Press Junket
ET Canada - Premiere
ET Canada - Press Junket
Liem Vu - Press Junket
Breakfast Television - City TV - Press Junket
MSN Canada - Press Junket
My ETV Media - Premiere
Independent UK - Press Junket
The Province - Press Junket
Scene Creek - Press Junket
Moviefone - Press Junket
Yahoo Canada - Press Junket
CBC - Press Junket
Cineplex Movies - Press Junket
CTV News - Press Junket
Dork Shelf - Press Junket
The Free Press - Press Junket
The Watchlist - Press Junket
We Got This Covered - Press Junket


Unknown said...

great post. Thank you for all the infos, vidoes, interviews und pics

verena said...

Great post ladies! Thank you so much!!!

Jane said...

Rob really rocked his premiere. I see his name all over the net regarding MTTS and how good he looked. Great pictures and videos from you. Loved it.

butzi1 said...

You did an amazing job, thank you. I didn't watch all interviews because I was afraid to spoil the movie.
I watched MTTS this evening in my favorite arthouse cinema (opened in cinemas this weekend in my country) And that is where it belongs, more a typical Cronenberg movie than his last two. Not a movie for the masses. Rob's part is a small one, but not insignificant. He played the only sane character very well and authentic. The whole cast did an incredible good job. Julianne and Mia were brilliant.
It's not a movie for sensitive viewers because of the really strong language, some violence and the shown insanity. But if you like well done no mainstream movies, then you will enjoy and like MTTS as I did.
Now I'm looking forward to The Rover on DVD, unfortunately not in cinemas here,