Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Fan Pictures of Rob Today At a Costume Store in NYC

"I got my selfie w. Robert Pattenson !!! ️️️ #RobertPattenson #RobPattenson #Twilight #MCM #GlitterFairy"

"Chillin’ with Robert Pattinson :) He was very nice!"

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Anonymous said...
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Mandy said...

Robstensiempre we delete your comments EVERYTIME because you have been warned more than once that you are not welcome here. You talked trash about the people that work hard to keep this site updated and thats where we draw the line.
Unfortunately since this is a public site I can't keep you from visiting, but be sure I'll keep you from commenting and spare the other readers and my co-bloggers from your bullshit.
If you are so worried about the girl's tag, read the comments on the source. She'll let you know why she tagged like that. It's her picture, she does whatever she wants. I reposted here for us fans.
And next time I wont explain why I deleted your comment. Everytime I see one of your comments, I'll just click on delete and not even bother reading it. I don't know why it is so hard for you to understand that. this is not the first or second time we do this and tell you about it.
Goodbye, hopefully forever.

Unknown said...

For you and for everyone who keeps this site up, with all the RP-info there is, in a organised, kind, and NEUTRAL way...
Really, thank you!!...
It's so relaxing coming here, read, and comment... and discus with respectful people.
Thank you... x

Unknown said...

He looks cute as always. He seems a really nice boy. By the way awsome reply. Damn it girl. You rock.

Barbara said...

Bravo!Mandy Bravo! xxx

Unknown said...

Thank you Mandy!!!!

Rob looks good happy and relaxed.

zsuzsip said...

Thank You so much RPL for your great Unbiased blog!